Fall / Winter 2008 — Instrumental

Contest period: July 1, 2008 to December 31, 2008.

Judge: Wayne Milton.




Day Break   Bill Wren
Scott Free   Matt Ulery
Sedona Sunset   Steve Talaga
A Bicycle Built For Two   Phil Norman
Betrayal   Bill Wren
The Changing Years   John Barnard
Lazy Creek   John Barnard
Inspiration   Adam Page
Nothing is Simple   Phil Norman
The Precipice   Steve Talaga
Frick Park at Midnight   Sebastian Albu
Crosswalk   Ian Hattwick
Jacobs Run   Gary Bitzer
Devil at rest   Warren Hitzig
Wind Sailer (radio edit)   Augusto Chiarle
Cadiz   Steve Talaga
Lament For Andrea   Kelly Musser
Strollin   Bryon Tosoff
Sunrise   Randy Sutin
Tangorine   Pamela Weng
All Roads Lead Home   Greg Chako
Little Bird   Ross MacLachlan
The Farm (about home)   Matt Ulery
Wayne Street   Aaron Lowenberger
Classy Lady   Travis Nevels
Winter’s Finale   Ruth Smith
Requiem pour une rose   Jean-Pierre Guiran
Lost Man’s Jig   Aaron Lowenberger
dreaming   Jonathon Trout
Back East   Sebastian Albu
Laura’s Dance   Bryan Rowe
An Appalachian Aire   Ruth Smith
Everybody`s Got a Name   Greg Chako
An Appalachian Winter   Ruth Smith
Discovery   Brent Ratkovich
White Face   Pamela Weng
The Hope Within   Bryan Rowe
Low Tide (radio edit)   Augusto Chiarle
A Love Song To My Sailor   Katie Anderson
Omega Beach   Randy Sutin
Laguna Sunday   Niall McGuinness
Sunshine   giovanni de carlo
Frances Waltz   Dave Nachmanoff
Wave of Love   Greg Chako
Inspiracion   Jose Luis Altamirano
Romanza   Augusto Chiarle
Dolphin’s Dance   Pamela Weng
Walk in the Country   David Lindberg
Limpopo   Niall McGuinness
We’ve Come Into This Place   Bryan Bogue
Spiorad   Bryan Rowe
Oscillator Damage   Bill Canty
One Angel’s Hands   Mark Gualtieri
Historias   Jose Luis Altamirano
Memory   Darryl Wills
Call of the Toucan   Niall McGuinness
Lightning In A Bottle   Pedro Fernandez
Charming Mechanics (radio edit)   Augusto Chiarle
In Time Things Will Be Better   Neil Benjamin
Get Real   Bryan Bogue
A Ride for Life   BRUCE RILEY

1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
Honorable Mention