Spring 2011 — Rock

Contest period: August 1, 2010 to April 30, 2011.

Judge: Karl Louis.




Games   Marco Correia
Motion   Lawrence France
Ghost Town   Shoresh Tal
If You Say   Alexander Shevchenko
Something   Bill McKerchie
Pining   William Frank
The Invisible Man   Joshua Bloomberg
Blueberry   Will Sacks
Blue Horizon   Anthony Flask
Breathe   Chris lippert
Letting Go   Victoria Powell
With Envy   William Frank
Something About Your Way   Shane Martin
Orange Ambition or What’s The Color of Tangerine?   Aaron Laird
Without My Light   Lawrence France
Every Way To Hide   Ash Hansen
Blink Of An Eye   Anthony Flask
Remove Your Hands   Anthony Flask
Here Is Where I Dwell   Tania Anderson
Forever   Rebecca Foxley
Saturday Sunshine   Christopher Fisher
Co-Star of My Own Life   Joshua Bloomberg
ONE HOPE ONE DAY   Gianni Ferreri
(London) Stop, Drop, & Roll   Corey Schneider
Earthworms   Lawrence France
Tidal Wave   Joshua Bloomberg
Sparkin’ night lust   Gregorios Agyralides
23,999 MPH   Christopher Fisher
I Go With The Sun   preston smith
Shine   Troy Payne
Somebody Else   Gerald Ulmer
You Beg Me to Break Your Heart   Matt Lindauer
Quantum Leap   Daniel Johnson
Inner Conflict   Michael Batke
I just sing the blues   Rick Gauthier
Inconvenient Truth   stephen connella
It’s a Beautiful Day to Start Over   Dobrin Donkov
Tiger’s Got A Brand New Toy   Glen Mofford
Snow on the Roof   Larry Vilchek
Born Under Fire   Drake Perry
El Camino   Mike Salvatore
Kiss Me Like A Frenchie   Drake Perry

1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
Honorable Mention