Spring 2011 — Folk

Contest period: August 1, 2010 to April 30, 2011.

Judge: John Braheny.




Waffle Boy   brian torres
Reunion Song   levi McGrath
Ashen Town   Dave Gunning
Calling All the Children Home   Roger Tomhave
Children of War   levi McGrath
You Are Here   Jim Metzner
Before The Morning Sun   Dave Gunning
Layers   Lynn Hollyfield
But You Can Believe My Lies   Agnieszka Olszewska-Kaczmarek
Carl & Eliza   Rachel Maloney
Making the Grade   matthew long
It’s About Time   Randy Spencer
Box On Wheels   Robert Otting
The Balladier   Bret Stewart
Rewind   Liat Arochas
The Karmic Wheel   Christopher Micha
Supermutants   Ryan Lovelock
Heaven Bound   K.T. Fung
Journey to Forty Acres, and A Mule Named Melody   Sarah Kervin
Now’s the Time   Christine Mag. Strasser
Home   Meghann Wright
Through Time   jen rose
Buried Down There   Glen Mofford
Let the souls move on   Christine Mag. Strasser
Oblivious   Andy Jaske
Living in the Key of G   Mike Aube
Noble Man   Ian Carroll
Mystery Eyes   Christopher Mitchell
There Will Be A Day   Anneline Breetzke
Knockin on Heaven’s Door   Roger Backfish
Thousand miles   Lovisa Ståhl
What do you need   Christine Mag. Strasser
Over Now   Eric Vanier
Tsunami   Cindy Blevins
Nothing’s Fair At 17   Andy Shaw
THE SAN JOSE MINE   jack warshaw
Free Thinkers Ball   Paul Fritzler
You’re Mine   Karen Javitch
technologic man   jeff michels
Little Pieces   Angelina Hill
Your Scars   Michelle Kowalchuk
The Red Ribbon   Bret Stewart
Somebody’s Heart   Rachel Maloney
Shining Star   Keith Pierce
A Year of Nights on Bourbon Street   Lucas Martin
Where Will You Go – 2012   Kevin Longmore
SEED   usthiax -
THE PIT   harry versluys
Fists and Feet   andrea burgoyne
Gabrielle   Mitchell Ferguson
I Am Love   Bradford Tilden
I Could Have Loved You Better   Jasmine Crittenden
Kind of love   Dennis Cruz
Tommy   Paul Hanna
Ollie’s Rag   Ted Simmons
You’ll always be the one   Dennis Cruz
Harvest Moon Rises   T. Koetter
Voice Of An Angel   Michael Ojo-Rumi Leigh
Give Them Roses To Momma   SteveEd Stone
You Understand Love At Night (YULAN)   Chee Siang Koh
Stonewall   Ward Parker

1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
Honorable Mention