Spring 2012 — Pop

Contest period: May 1, 2011 to March 31, 2012.

Judge: Martin Blasick.




DRUM DRIVING   Nicholas Connell
Had I Known   Matt Zarley
Go Around   Nenna Yvonne
I Won’t Sing No Saaad Songs   Sky Nelson
Last Recorded Summer   DeAnna Moore
Love Won’t Let You Down   Michael McGee
Small House   Will Gattis
Mud is Not Your Name   Joe Young
6 YEARS LATER   al white
Tangled Up in Dreams   Kira Bursky
The Roma   Will Gattis
The Pugilist   Eamonn Lindsay
Always Lose to You   Sky Nelson
Santa’s Wish   George Whitesell
Perfect   Matt Zarley
Change Begins With Me   Matt Zarley
DON’T FRIEND ME ON FACEBOOK   Stephanie Klco-Brosius
Suffering and Pain   Reece Sullivan
Too Late, You’re Gone   Melissa Grey
First Light Blue Sky   David Cluff
Fairy Tale U   luke carnevale
Hot Cherry Sweet Wine   Cynthia Jackson
You’re Coming Home at Last   Karen Javitch
Goodbye Sweet Dreamer   peter scales
Hit Too Hard   Blake Elliott
Say You Love Me Now   Stonewall Towery
TRUST   Tom Nichols
Little Fishy   Meredith Shaw
Light of Day   Alexander Goit
Sold Out   Nataliya Medvedovskaya
Never Gone   Jackson Wells
A Better Place For Me   Jessica Fine
Half Empty   Melissa Grey
Lazy Saturday   N/A N/A
Meet Me at the Merry Go Round   Andria Richardson
Autumn Days   Otto Steiner
Not Exceptional   N/A N/A
I Liked You   Randy Kaplan
Don’t Let It Pass By   peter scales
7 Years   Mike Ryan
believe   Patrick Kane
The Abyss   Helen Smith
The City   Irena Perkovic
Everybody’s Got Something   Timothy Langford
Apocalypse   David Cluff
I Breathe   devin farney
Don’t Tell Me That You Love Me   Scott Savoy
“You Know I Can Be Superhero”   Gantcho Boyadjiev
Fallen Star   Trojan-John Te Rehu-Tuki
Sometimes   luke carnevale
Make Money   Shawn Owen
Gondwanaland   Roy Schroedl
No Regrets   Ginger Griffin
sbwdsufs   kelley larson
All We Need   N/A N/A
The Things They’d Say   gabrielle Cogdill
True True Love   efrem gaio
When The Scotch Gets Right   Matt Reno
Point Of View   curtis pierce
Makin’ It On My Own   Graham Marshall
It could be you   Florent Sivell
Songs of Spring   Ari Wenig
Fall to Pieces   Kathie Toombs
Reality Is   Jameson Lee
Tell Me   Randish Joeglal
Devils And Shotguns   Mike Fullarton
What Am I Doing Here   Craig C. Robinson
All Good Things Must End   Char Fogel
Find my way   Camilla Kunz
Tell me why   Camilla Kunz
Tight   Gianna Gehlhar
You Said Forever   Steven Daniels
A long time   Ewan Parker
Mom   Roger achkar
Battle   Helen Smith
Unbroken   Melissa Grey
Three A.M. On a Misty Morning   Cindy Blevins
Just Another Night at Jazzy’s   Harley Toberman
Purple Skies   RON MANCINI
Soulmate   Tammy Low
In Too Deep   Maggie Anderson
Look   Steven Daniels
Apollo 13   Andrea Bannert
Leave Soon   Duncan Mah
My Favorite Flavor   Randish Joeglal
Part III: The Words I had Written   Gipsy Alvarez

1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
Honorable Mention