Spring 2012 — Rock

Contest period: May 1, 2011 to March 31, 2012.

Judge: Alissa Moreno.




Someone Else’s Bed   Justina Shandler
Omega   Mik Dempsey
Collide   chann carroll
My Piece   jeff lyons
Shouting at the World   Mik Dempsey
man about town   denny hanley
The Devils Train   Mark Gould
I Am   Alice BrightSky
Cometa n°9   Giordano Di Fiore
Falls Apart (My Love Arise)   chann carroll
All They Reign   jeff lyons
Fear the Sunshine   Mik Dempsey
See Past Me   Phil Swanson
Classified Ad   Michael Lindgren
Cosmic Ambulance   John Curtis Anderson
Mr. Unknown   Ingrid Carranza
Pyramids   Reece Sullivan
Laetare   Ryan Garrett
For you I give   Maria Lamburn
Sugar Daddy Sam   David Schlotterback
Daddies Bones   Timothy Langford
Fanático   jeff lyons
The Roma   Will Gattis
The Flood   David Coile
Stronger   Bryon Tosoff
Washed Away in Rain   Joe Young
FM Radio   Peter McGowan
Hot summer   Danail Yordanov
Kinda makes me love you   Dennis Cruz
Tied Up Tied Down   Sky Nelson
Head   Camille Mai
Fickle Finger of Fate   Chet Cline
I’m Going To Heaven   Steve Kanicki
Reveal   Stan Sikorski
You Gonna Be   Mike Salvatore
A long time ago   Gregorios Agyralides
Boston Mary   Sean Street
Forests Of Love   Jerry Juden
All Too Soon   Mike Salvatore
El Camino   Mike Salvatore
The Painful Truth   Stephen Gibb
People, People   "Kahish" KVerda Smith
Rock the Night   Manuele La Puca
I See Right Through You   Giasone Italiano
Sunrise Suite   Mike Salvatore
Skies of Avalon   Mike Salvatore
Unfaithful   gabrielle Cogdill
Dead Leaves In My Notebook   James Brentar
Sweet Lioness   RON MANCINI
Inside My Head   vernon penny
Sunset   Hyoung June Kwon
Chameleon   Sean Street
Don’t Know   James Brentar
I Love You More   James Brentar
Down to my soul   Deborah Mckeown

1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
Honorable Mention