Spring 2012 — Americana/Country

Contest period: May 1, 2011 to March 31, 2012.

Judge: Pete Luboff.




Got A Mind   D.B. Rielly
Your Flight HAs Just Been Canceled   Lenny Solomon
The Small Stuff   Patrice Webb
Crazy Horse   Ed Manzano
If I Can’t Take You With Me   Heather Stewart
River, Railway, Road   Andrew Robert Walker
The Dash   Eric Colville
I Don’t Want To Cry In Her Presence   Sam Conjerti
The Reaper   J.W. McClure
If You Were a Song   David Brouillette
Fragile Thing   Dave Nachmanoff
Bad Attitudes   Corinne Newton
A Blind Man Can See   Michael McGee
Prairie Town   Corinne Newton
Angel of Love   Corinne Newton
The Bells   Joe Young
She Hasn’t Left Yet   Daniel Whittington
Leaving Familiar   Michael Theodore
Passenger #2   J.W. McClure
Brand New You   Jon Anderson
As Good As It Gets   Angela Rozman
Snowglobe   Andrew Kreider
Do What Your Mama Says   Dorothy Reiser
One of These Days (You’re Gonna Realize)   D.B. Rielly
Life of the Party   Heather Stewart
Stone Cold Crazy   Michael McGee
Grandma’s House   Ingrid Serban
Free to Fall   Tom Nichols
Call Me Baby   Max Brenner
Set Me Free   Jason White
Let a Bird Go Free   J.W. McClure
Yesterday’s Love   Victor Hightaian
Crazy Love Song   Linda Lamon
catch the breeze   carol peltier
Wild Caballo   sharon anderson
Give the Man a Fish   John Freeman
The Next Beginning   Dale Wilson
Cowgirls and horses   finn olesen
Mustang Corners   Mina Hosaki
Not The Man in Me   Brad Evans
Angels Were Callin   Mike Salvatore
Maybe I’ll Go To Paris   Mike Ryan
Supermodel Surgeon   Angela Rozman
Ballad of the Narrow Gauge   Lucas Martin
66 East to Washington   Mike Ryan
A House for A Rich Man   Mike Ryan
Honky Tonk Ballerina   James Wetherill
believe   Patrick Kane
into the fire   finn olesen
Lost In Texas   Kevin Ty
Enjoy every sandwich   Ewan Parker
Our Paths Shall Always Meet   Charles Wimer
Sleep Gently My Little One   Cindy Tuttle
To Have You Back Tonight   Brad Evans
Minstrel Of The Darkness   Joseph Percia
One That Got Away   Roy Schroedl
I Want to Be Free   Rocc Nobles
Christmas Eve, Most Holy Night   Cindy Tuttle
Heartbreak Avenue   Andreas Forslund Persson
Cigarettes & Beer   Ken Darms
When She’s Gone   hayward hurst
Crazy Kissin’ Line   Linda Lamon
Keep On Smilin’   Lucas Martin
Poetry falls like rain   Greg Powerlett
It’s a Steve Jobs’ World   Karen Javitch
Train To Nowhere   James Wetherill
Snowflakes   Gail Desjardins
Second Wind   David Brouillette
Up To Me   Katie Akin

1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
Honorable Mention