Spring 2012 — Folk

Contest period: May 1, 2011 to March 31, 2012.

Judge: Severin Browne.




The Pilgrim   Sara Kelly
All I Can Do (Undone)   chann carroll
In Stride   Michael Theodore
Weatherman   Liam James Campbell
And I’d Rather You Be Here With Me   Sam Rosolina
Nothing But The Wind   Steven Kahn
You Still Have My Heart   Tim Lindberg
Out of Air   Ember Swift
Say Goodbye Again   peter scales
Chicken Revolution!   Steven Kahn
In Sickness and In Health   Dave Nachmanoff
What I’m From   Rachel Byron-Law
The Wind To Carry Me   Tom Nichols
Constant Woman   Capers Simmons
Two Hands on the Plow   Reece Sullivan
More, More, More   Alexander Goit
Twenty-Five   Jamie White
Funny When Your Mad   Ryan Flaming
Short Road We’re On   David McAdams
The Good, Good Life   Bob Filoramo
Happiness(Does Not Come Fast)   RON MANCINI
Late Summertime   Lynn Hollyfield
The Nth Laborer   Andy Jaske
My Worried Mind   Gideon Brown
Bridge   Nina khosla
Always   Jeffrey Jones
What Do You Say   jennifer greenhut
Little Girl   Rachel Byron-Law
September ’69   Patrice Webb
Johnathan   Chris Sveistrup
All We ever Had   Alexander Goit
Stars Will Be Our Home   Steven Kahn
Maybe Today   Lenny Solomon
Back to you   Trojan-John Te Rehu-Tuki
Voices On The Sea   Jacob Furr
Re: Joyce   John Milne
Home on Christmas Day   Giasone Italiano
Loaves and Fishes   Patrice Webb
Ode to Truth   John Milne
This time we lead   Kate Elizabeth
The Girl From Kosovo   Mark Mathews
Shoeshine Man   Cinder Jean
Sky of Mind   David Kinkead
Down the Mountain   scott hommel
All My Life   Samuel Rasch
Follow Your Heart   Cindy Tuttle
Round   Rita Baugh
Better Days   Derek Bishop
Supermoon   Greg Powerlett
I Need You   Derek Bishop
Sweet Pardon   Derek Bishop
Captain’s Child   Mike Salvatore
Letting it All Go   Kent Heckaman
Burning Taste   Rick Rivera
Dead and Gone   Giasone Italiano
Darker Thoughts   Rachel Bruch
Four Fallen Hairbands   Michael McGuire
Horroscopes   Bill O'Connor

1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
Honorable Mention