Spring 2013 — Pop

Contest period: August 1, 2012 to March 23, 2013.

Judge: Alex Forbes.




Fall With You   Mikaela Kahn
Made of Stars   Doug Templeton
Cosmology   Capers Simmons
Daydreaming   CHUN YIN CHAN
I’ve Moved On   Darren Ockert
The Rain From London   Darren Ockert
I’m Still Wishing   SOPHIE HOWARTH
What Does It Take?   Rebecca McGarry
The Energy’s good   Jillian Strauss
Forget You   Michael Anzilotti
Force Of Gravity   Darren Ockert
Crooked Lullaby   Megan Landry
Bittersweet   Jillian Strauss
You Make Me Say (Wow)   Joe Romeo
You Keep the Sun   Crystal Craven
Grey   danielle oliver
Life’s So Beautiful   Dakota Lillie
Long Distance Love   Matt Rhoden
Falling Again   Trojan-John Te Rehu-Tuki
Far Beyond   Katherine Thorne
Just Because   Charlie Keller
Not Alone   Kate Elizabeth
When You Fell   Hayden Purcell
Good Kinda Crazy   Stephanie Pauline
Popularity   Trojan-John Te Rehu-Tuki
Voyeur   Blaithin Kearney
Miss Understood   Pilani Bubu
Keep Me Company   Michelle Patrick
Nothing Song   Teresa Chi
The End of the World   Justin Winokur
Starting Gun   Dakota Lillie
Do You Believe   Kathleen Herndon
Her Lover’s Cup   Kirbanu Klein
Jailbird   Charlie Keller
Advice   danielle oliver
One Hit Wonder   Christoph Starr
Dream In Japanese   Andy Jaske
Open your Eyes   Charli Nolan
Selling the End of the World   Brendan Bonsack
This Modern Life (1984)   Darren Ockert
San Francisco   Charlie Keller
Can’t Get Enough Of You   Steven Ybarra
Turn It Up Loud   Dakota Lillie
The Waking Day   Kirbanu Klein
Eternal   JAEHWA NOH
Loser Magnet   Laurie Miller
Moaning in Moonlight   Gabriele Sforza
You And I   Nenna Yvonne
Once   Bruce Coughlan
Nothing To Hide   Luigi Amicucci
Danergous   Brian Elkington
Today   Jeff Sweet
“When Your Love`s On Fire”   T. Edwin Doss
Dance Freaks   Scott Warner
Legacy   Michelle Patrick
Under a Different Sky   Julian Tucker
Make Up Your Mind   Robin Stanley
Walking   Seismic Anamoly
The Dream Is Over   Jim Donnelly
come chill with me   Wassim H
A Song of Melancholy   Pavel Rokyta
Dream   Thomas Formanek
More than yesterday   Bruno Brocchi
Hey. Hey   Aron Lyrd
Eyes of the Soul   Bob Hrichak
Let Your Heart Lead the Way   ryan rothmeyer
My Lucky Day   Steven Daniels
My First Time   Stonewall Towery
I am not there   Reentko Dirks

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2nd Place
3rd Place
Honorable Mention