Spring 2013 — Americana/Country

Contest period: August 1, 2012 to March 23, 2013.

Judge: Alissa Moreno.




I’m Still Here   Tim Settle
You Got The Heat   Terry Blankley
Johnny   Julie Kathryn
It’s Snowin’   Mary Segato
Hey There Romeo   Elizabeth Feins
Whiskey In Winter   Hillary Reynolds
Thriving   William Avdoulos
Table Nine   stuart currie
Intoxicated   Donovan Tucker
Pick Up the Pieces   Sydney Cubit
Nashville to Nowhere   Michelle Patrick
Honey I Ain’t Got The Money   RP Oates
Sex Beer And Rock and Roll   Giasone Italiano
I wouldn’t mind a ride shotgun home   roger mason
Bakersfield Wine   Mickey Clark
Underground   Julie Kathryn
Make Up Your Mind   Julian Tucker
Nashville Star   Kimba Arem
This Man of Mine   Timothy Wenzel
You Don’t Leave No Signs of Cheatiin’   Lisa OKane
Pushing My Luck   RON MANCINI
NEVER WANNE GO SANE AGAIN   glenn hammerstad
where my dead lie buried   Ron Lindsay
Jesus Was a Democrat   john pittorino
Blow Whistle   Terry McLeish
A Hundred Miles from Boulder   Jason Spraggins
Peanut Butter   Ed Drake
Turning of the Page   Patrice Webb
Empty Shoes   Lou Derr
Shakey People   Houston Bernard
Oh My Brother   Christopher Mitchell
Walk Away   Lucas Howard
Daddy Wrote A Song   Kevin Peery
Memphis Time   Greg Ryan
Rockabilly Kid   Katrina Carlson
Your Smile   Sean Farley
Hard Age To Be   Giasone Italiano
Turn Around   Per Øyvind Mathisen
Pass To You   Per Øyvind Mathisen
Hopeless   Crystal Craven
Wait Out the Rain   Douglas Pennington
Dancing With the Angels   Allan Johnson
Game of Chance   Ed Drake
The Power   Bob Hrichak
WEAK   glenn hammerstad
Two for the Road   Lydia Fortune
SOME DAYS   glenn hammerstad
More than Words   Victoria Powell
Steamboat Town   John Curtis Anderson
Until Then I’ll Just Wait to Cry   Gail Desjardins
“Letting Go By Hanging On”   Sharon Levenson
walk of life   violet naytowhow
perfect   russ parrish
Footprints   Kirbanu Klein
“You just read my mind”   MacDonald Rodgers
Right Next to Me   Martha Sterling-Golden
“Here I am”   MacDonald Rodgers

1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
Honorable Mention