Spring 2013 — Folk

Contest period: August 1, 2012 to March 23, 2013.

Judge: Severin Browne.




I Just See You   Brooks Taylor
Leaving Familiar   Michael Theodore
Leave No Trace   Hillary Reynolds
Hearts   jojo worthington
You Don’t Know My Heart   Aaron Gabriel
Light A Candle Angelina   Patrice Webb
White Stallion   Michael Theodore
Amadeus   jojo worthington
Wind of Fairy   Andreas Jordan
Never find their home   Jeff Burton
Staying in Place   Sam Rosolina
Fitted Sheets   Terry McLeish
Restless Soul   Mary Neil Schrum
Take my Love and Pass it on   Matt Templeton
In the ground   Jeremiah Jones
Bohemian Lullaby   Liane Scholz
Twelve Days   Bobby Ray
Pirate Man   Michael Cossey
All I’m Hopin’ For   Paul Kloschinsky
Write for me   Edwin hMensa
See You On the Other Side   Sam Rosolina
Waiting for Summer   Kent Heckaman
Our Little Empire   John Mabey
Thunder Hill   Dana Agnellini
What’s Between Us   Pilani Bubu
Black Coffee in the Mornin’   Robert Bertoldi
Coming Home   Owen Gallagher
The Tide   Tobias Moldenhauer
Crossroads   Andreas Jordan
Playing Games   Robert Bertoldi
Who Gives A Damn   Sarah Golden
You’re Not the Person You Used to Be   Joe Holt
Whatever   Nic Croucher
Goodbye   Liane Scholz
Rock ‘n Roll World   Todd Wengrovsky
Believe   David Dale
Dressed in Blue (feat. Meaghan Blanchard)   Scott MacKay
This time I win   Peter Smolarik
Shiver Into Spark   Otter Creek (Peter & Mary Danzig)
Geppetto’s Creation   Matt Gaydar
Corporate Greys   John Curtis Anderson
Life Gets In The Way   Ian Gosbee
I Don’t Know   Owen Gallagher
Pass It On   Todd Wengrovsky
Hello Young Lover   Rachel Sumner
THE BROKEN UMBRELLA   jordan reyne
‘Tis the Last Rose of Summer   Liane Scholz
Tell Me   Martha Sterling-Golden
Walking   Seismic Anamoly
Hard to keep   Andreas Jordan
Patience   Eric Lane
The Evidence   Eric Lane
Old Young Girl   Kate Elizabeth
Say Brother   Nonso Ugbode
The Desert   Phil Jourdan
She is Up With the Angels   Laurie Miller
What Does Bob Think?   Laurie Miller
Century   Eric Lane

1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
Honorable Mention