Spring 2014 — Pop

Contest period: April 1, 2013 to February 14, 2014.

Judge: Martin Blasick.




Ride The Butterfly   Leah Nobel
So Beautiful   Brian Huber
I’m Not Held Back   Sky Nelson
Dead or Alive   Dorothy Scharr
Everything Beautiful   Adam Babcock
Shining Star   Lovisa Ståhl
Summer Love   Nick Hargarther
Honest Look   Madeline Spooner
Fly With You   Mary Segato
Bottle Of Tea   Hannah May Cowley
easy to be   Cristy Garey
Desire   none none
The Rest Of My Love   Michael McGee
rutumn Rain   Gretta Ziller
If I Wait Here   Shauna Sims
Lemon Tree   Chris Bennion
I Will Not Scold Your Love   Shauna Sims
Think Again   Lindsay Kunkel
You Already Know   Madeline Spooner
Already Over   Justin Froese
Can’t Take it With Me   Doug Templeton
Merry-Go-Round   none none
Fragile   Rachel Lee Williams
Love Divine   Kelly Garland
Cut Me Loose   s s
Love Will Lead   Sky Nelson
Lying In Your Bed   Doug Templeton
Better Than Everything   Bobby Robidoux
Only Love ( Our Wedding Song )   Scott Douglas
Dark Side   Kendra Erika
Running Out Of Love   Darren Ockert
This Love   Antóin Corbett
we’re even now   D2D UnderGround
Who will help me lose my blues   Ed Bentley
Just You and Me   John Mabey
Things Have Changed   Blaithin Kearney
you+me   Bodan Mulholland
Racing The Street Lights   Justinas Stanislovaitis
Too Damn Happy   John Mabey
See Me Like This (Over You)   Bodan Mulholland
Let Me Go   Ashley Kervabon
Crumbs   Darren Ockert
If I Were A Prince   Mark Davenport
Good Enough For You   Doug Templeton
When I Need To   Sam Rosolina
SWEET SUMMER NIGHT   Gisela Schutten
Smoke & Magic   Teryn Tsang
Love Is The Reason   Max Phillips
Another Day   John Canales
Another One Born in New York   Marie Davon
Running   Teryn Tsang
Nowhere Left To Go   Kelly Garland
Bigger than us   Benjamin Allport
Dear You   Roy Flores
Hesitating   Karl Henrik
Mary Alice   Bob Hrichak
Sunshine Boy   Justin Cepeda
No One Could Love Me Better   Daniella Watters
Beautiful Eyes   Leslie Egerer
Our Little Boy   John Mabey
If This Isn’t Love   Pat Travers
If Once…   Jamie Searle
In Different Colours (Different Ways)   Alexander Diacos
Never Give Up   Gary Pryor
Love Flows   Karl Henrik
WOMAN   jorge troncoso
A Comfortable Place   John Canales
It’s All Pretend   Maggie Anderson
House in the Trees   Bryan Lisa
Someday One Day For Us   Max Phillips
Coffee Shop   Karl Henrik
Party Queen   Shruthi Viswanathan
Talk to Me   Bob Hrichak
Unrequited Love   michael jordan
James Dean   Kaelin Phoebe Tully

1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
Honorable Mention