Spring 2014 — Folk

Contest period: April 1, 2013 to February 14, 2014.

Judge: Alex Forbes.




Ballad of a Love Miscast   Zeljko Bartulovic
These Hands   Dave Gunning
The Girl   jojo worthington
When the Devil Comes for Me   Matt Reno
Soil and the Sea   Kristen Tivey
Sound like you   Jeremiah Jones
City Lights   John van Hemert
My Situation   Joseph tonelli
Head Home   Ira Watson
Never War   Sam Rosolina
It’s Raining Sunshine   Mary Segato
Mending   Jeff Burton
Little Bird Fly   Scott Douglas
Love’s Elusive Ecology   Jen Hajj
Resplendent Surrender   caressa starshine
You Don’t Know   Anisha Uppal
Intertwined   Juliet Farmer
Soul Mate   Dave Skelton
Come Hell or High Water   D.B. Rielly
Seabeams   Andreas Jordan
Where Did Love Go   Hannah Rand
Love is Born   Michael Huber
Mostly Wild   Lynn Hollyfield
Out Of The Blue   Christine McAllister
The Cost   anouschka pearlman
Norma Jean   Andreas Jordan
Forgetting   Michael Anzilotti
Furious Pace   Eric Bettencourt
Down the Line   Timmy Fasano
When I Die   David McAdams
Southbound Train   Joseph King
CARPOOL   Richard Potter
My apogee   Jeremiah Jones
Shantytown   David McAdams
Helen Goodnight   Morrigan Condo
Control   Lucas Howard
Petrol Fingers   mike buscaino
Sister, Oh Sister   Jeff Burton
The Very Best In Me   Andrew Dawson
Postscript   Evan Clarke
Captain My Captain   Lewis Musick
I Walk Alone   s s
Far from Spring   Jarrod Gawne
California   Don Davis
Hurt Like I Do   Tom Chaffer
Here For the Runnin’   Brian Peck
I’ll Try   Todd Wengrovsky
La Bella Dama senza Pietà   GIAN PIERO MILANETTI
Little Boy   Jonathan Lang
That Summer   Johnny Ray
Blind   Laura Sailer
Stage Fright   Samuel McDonald
Momma   Jonathan Lang
Sometimes I still dream   Jeff Burton
That You May Know (I Loved You)   S s
Plastic Hero   Ed Horey
Take a Chance   Jonathan Lang
John Pau’s Gift   Andreas Jordan

1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
Honorable Mention