Spring 2015 — Pop

Contest period: September 1, 2014 to April 15, 2015.

Judge: Alex Forbes.




Good News   Mel Hart
Girls Don’t Cry Wolf   Madison Douglas
FORGET YOU GIRL   Michael Anzilotti
City Lights   Jules Collarile
Another Day   Gene Mills
My Little Soldier   Jules Collarile
Do You Dare   Kristin McDonald
Wasted Tears   Dani McCulloch
Love song   Don Sheppard
Pain Relief (of the natural kind)   John Tomaino
Why Do They Call It Falling In Love?   RON MANCINI
Sounds of Love   Malcolm Lally
Supernova   Ryan Lovelock
Shatters   michael raynak
Strings   Alice Hastings
Somehow Blue   stephanie martino
WHO I AM   Ray Isaac
Still Here   Tim Granbacka
Don’t Give Up On Me   Mary Segato
My Morning Joy   Kristin McDonald
Crying Birds   Eden Roberts
Fly   Frank Porter
Perfect June   Katie Simko
In My Dreams   Mike Hyden
Ok   Christopher Mitchell
Stop The Time   Sarah Fisher
48 Hours Of Freedom   Robin Rues
Inner Light   Michael Batke
Tell You   Camilla Kunz
Fallback   Hannah Pisani
Thin Line   Marie-Claude Mathieu
I`m Not Letting Go of You   Slava Zenin
No Way featuring Elan Noelle   Giuseppe (Joe) Lo Cascio
Bounce   Mike Hyden
Funny Little Things   BRUCE RILEY
Jesus In the Glovebox #3   GK Menage
Differently   max bouratoglou
Time Flies   Bryan Wang
Rainbow   Sara Vickruck
Let’s Dance   ryan rothmeyer
Original Sin   Ryan Stotland
If I Were Made of Paper   Alice Hastings
Super Girl   Jules Collarile
HAPPY ME   janelle mackay
Phoenix Rising   Melissa Kate Miller
Master plan   THANE HUGHES
Rainbows without rain   Sara Vickruck
It Don’t Take Much   Justin Holliday
Pretty Boy   Peter Woolley
Days of Liquid Sunshine   Louis Gentile
Invisible Scars   Eric Christensen
Precipitation (deep)   Beth Schafer
I Like Girls   Randy Kaplan
In the Rain   michael raynak
Want To Be Loved   Casey Porter
I Can’t Forget You   Anders Jensen
Superman   Ken Hutchins
Picture Yourself   Nicki Kris
Dropped Call   Jess Chizuk
Stay A Little Longer   Kelly Garland
Lost Without You   Gary Pryor
Toxigen   Terry Penney
Snowflakes   Laszlo Papp Doroghy
Up Is Down   Mike Hyden
Taxes   Harley Toberman
Your Sweet Time   Dr. Ron Sherman
Who Are You.   Franziska Hudl
Every Night, pop feat Rikke Bro Kusk   Steven Santineau
My Letter to your Ex   Melody Johnson
Tight Rope   Josh Brainard
If We Fall   Coseth Cruz Diego Alfaro
Alive   Gianna Izzo
It Will Never Be Me   Gary Hall
Hiding   Ray Isaac
Sail On   rick maisonneuve
kiss me group   Chandan Kainth
OPTIONS   Charli Nolan
Feyd Fena   Jeremy Hendrickson

1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
Honorable Mention