Spring 2015 — Americana/Country

Contest period: September 1, 2014 to April 15, 2015.

Judge: Ward Davis.




Where You Are (Reprise)   Jared Lutes
Goodbye and Good Luck   Michael Stovall
The Way you Roll   Jonathan Ditto
Rust & Bones   Gretta Ziller
The Howl   D corcoran
No Rain   Michael Migas
If I could kill your memory   Germain Brunet
Train of Love   Jonathan Ditto
My Heart Attack Just Walked In   Patricia Luce Chapman
Grandma Needs Your Prayers   peter scales
Peaceful Deeds   Janis Carper
House Of Cards   Peter Woolley
ERIE   John Slade
Chain It Up   Alessia Cohle
The Great Divide   John Slade
No Monsters Here   Peter Anderson
Step Into That Water   Ron Lindsay
Let’s Get Gone   Alessia Cohle
Let Me Down Real Easy   Valerie Barrymore-Somers
Roadrunner   D.B. Rielly
They Trapped the Wild Bird in a Cage   Patricia Luce Chapman
The Edge of Midnight   Patricia Luce Chapman
Teardrops   Mike Hyden
Box of Buttons   Robert Otting
While Tumbleweeds and the Credits Roll   Robert Otting
Watch Out for Falling Rocks   Patricia Luce Chapman
LIKE I LOVE YOU   glenn erickson
Memory Lane   Clay Alston
Daytime Stars   Gene Mills
Wont Let You Down   Francisco Gonzalez
Little Feet   Pebble Wisdom
Hard-Headed Girl   John Slade
Deep Fat Fried   Tim Daldrup
(I Deal With) Crazy ALL Day   Dan Weber
Hand Up   curtis marsh
Living The Lonely Weekend (Duet)   James Magown
Heart of Gold   Alessia Cohle
MOONSHINE WILL   Steven Daniels
No More Looking Forward   Patricia Luce Chapman
Ain’t No Surrender In Me   John DYKSTRA
Swamp Creek Girl   dave mcgann
If I Can Love You With My Song   Patricia Luce Chapman
I’ll Pick Up The Tab Tonite   vin colella
COOLEST CAT IN TOWN   glenn erickson
A Rope Horse He Was   BRUCE RILEY
Another Broken Heart Inside   Philip Maybury
Let it Go   Jon Teger
The Real Deal   Patricia Luce Chapman
My First Time   Stonewall Towery
Blue Star Mountain Cowboy   J.W. McClure
THAT FIRST KISS   Germain Brunet
King-size Canyon, Queen-size Bed   Patricia Luce Chapman
Portrait in the Sand   Patricia Luce Chapman
Ocean Is Calling   Shane Smith
Gonna say Goodbye   Louis Gentile
Like A Ruby   Seth Ginsburg
My Little Girl   Archie Hughes
Make a Joyful Noise   Seth Ginsburg

1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
Honorable Mention