Spring 20152 — Folk

Contest period: September 1, 2014 to April 15, 2015.

Judge: Pat Alger.




The Way It’s Gonna Go   Derik Nelson
Turn Things Around   Gretchen Menn
It’s Not Goodbye   patrick homa
Someone Like Me   Sara Vickruck
Daisy May   Max Brenner
Omega   Mik Dempsey
Irons and Chains   Rob McHale
Another Day   Gene Mills
Peaceful Deeds   Janis Carper
ERIE   John Slade
Irons and Chains   Rob McHale
Out of Love   Rory Sullivan
Because of You   Lynn Hollyfield
Great circle   Juulie Rousseau
When It Goes   Eric Douglas
Lullaby   Benjamin Dakota Rogers
The Letter   Orion Walsh
Dream Of Iphigenia   Clodagh RW
The Sun   Clodagh RW
Moving Mountains   D.B. Rielly
It’s a letter   Andreas Jordan
Whitstable Girl   Michael Theodore
Make You Smile   Andreas Jordan
Pool of Bethesda   jojo worthington
Wise Words   Joseph Holden
Adorable   Robert Pysh
She Rides Moonlight   Nic Nassuet
One Half Short of Being Whole   peter scales
They’re Dying   Patricia Luce Chapman
Evil Twin Blues pt. 1   Paul Cat Kirkland
Boo Radley   jojo worthington
Up All Night   Sinonim Band
Fiddler’s Refrain   Patrice Webb
Renting   Kris Brown
I Wish I’d Known   John Messenger
Hilltops   Jonathan Ditto
Evergreen Road   Vivien Unsinn
This Day   Chris Sveistrup
A day in the dream   Vivien Unsinn
Forever Mine   Melissa Kellie
Goodnight   Andreas Jordan
Still   Daniela Brando
Immured   Nic Nassuet
Musicbox   Mina Hosaki
SIMPLY BLUE   larry warren
boringville   andrew binder
Outlaw   Justina Shandler
Hold Your Ground   todd skilton
Season’s Grow On   Maria Norman
Straight Up   Kaz Tada
Farewell Song   Reentko Dirks
The Nothing   Nic Nassuet
Run Away Train (Plus intro)   Mike Hyden
If I’m Not Losing You   Kris Brown
Blue Water to thread   Tony Di Iorio
The Lovely Miss Smith   Kathryn Rose
Already Alone   will rachofsky

1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
Honorable Mention