Spring 2019 — Singer/Songwriter

Contest period: January 10, 2019 to June 23, 2019.

Judge: Martin Blasick.




“Old iPhone”   Tim Settle
Be About Now   gigi karu
Wild Things   Ria Jade
Let It Out   Todd McNeal
Fighter   Julie Ludgate
The Future Is Now   Maddison Cash
Next Step   Jerry Stenger
Giving Is Easy   Jerry Stenger
Soulful Man   Claudia Vorbach
Extraordinary Love   Sayantika Ghosh
Flying   Marina Bloom
Goodbye to the Wind   Ted Simmons
Waltz With a Crow   Emanuel Beker
Way Up in the Sky   Kurtis Adamus
Wild Eyes   Carson Dowhan
My Old Man   Claudia Vorbach
Not Another Ballad   Marina Bloom
Thinking About You   Yasushi Otoshiro
Hollow Inside   Sayantika Ghosh
A Place to Sleep   Ted Simmons
Cold Moon Rising   Christopher Mitchell
Heart In Vain   Andre Kerek
Long Road   Elizabeth Hanley
Please Don’t   Andre Lockett
Making Believe Blues No.9   Claudia Vorbach
Wild Hearts   Ramita Arora
One Voice   Eugine Roszo
Hey Little Child   Jeffrey hartmann
New Orleans   Elizabeth Hanley
Garden of Doubt   Carl Lorusso
And You Should Know   Stephen Zolper
Stabilize   jojo worthington
Sea Of Life   Dwayne Ferris
MOTHER   efrem gaio
Beautiful Worries   Amalie Skriver
Runaway With You   Jerry Stenger
A Long Way Back to New York City (Lucky’s Blues)   Ted Simmons
My Momma’s House   Terry Rosicki
Labyrinth   Eve Gowen
Get to You   Kurtis Adamus
One Sound   Lawrence France
“Will you call my name ?”   STEVENSON Philip
Walking Down the Boulevard   Jeffrey hartmann
This is the leader and servant we choose to follow and love   Eric Christensen
The Gatekeeper   Thy Nguyen
Finding Grace   Melissa Nagy
I wanna have the power   Sofia Vaina
Cycles of Life   Jeffrey hartmann
At Three O’clock   Alexandre Molodkov

1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
Honorable Mention