Spring / Summer 2008 — Country

Contest period: January 1, 2008 to June 30, 2008.

Judge: Ward Davis.




Come to Drink of It   Nick Verzosa
Kiss My Doublewide   Rolf Schnyder
A Little More   Stephanie Pauline
One Life   Randy Clark
Will You Fall   Steven Ballard
Teardrops   Mike Hyden
Happiness Can Pass You By   Zac McDaniel
Timing is Everything   Jason Joubert
Me & Bonnie Parker   Markus Rill
My Knight   Melody Johnson
Bittersweet   Lisa Gordon
Down the Zydeco Road   Peter Grimaldi
Remember Me   John Franklin
Wonderful Friend   Nobuki Takamen
That First Kiss   Germain Brunet
Santa Fe   Jaime Black
It’s Crazy I Know   Tahlia McGahey
Wrong Side Of The Wrong Bed   Chris Crockett
Silver River   Ron Lindsay
Love to go   Rolf Schnyder
Tell Me Why   Archie Hughes
You’re My Romance   Mary Segato
Tequila, Salt & Lime   Kevin Budd
The Present   Jared Akers
Do Not Fear   Joseph Anfuso
My Biggest Claim To Fame   Karen Benedetto
Friday Night Neon Lights   juanita ford
Long, Tall Steeples   John Logan
Butterflys   michael tyra
Pressin’ Toward the Finish   Joseph Anfuso
Blown out again   David Corbett
Eliza   Lynne Hanson
Carolina   Richard Potter
old hillbilly blues   juanita ford
Every Time That It Gets Better, It Gets Worse   Young-Bin Na
Like An Old Dog Chasin’ His Tail   Michael Marisic
Tommy Catt’s Bride   Ian Williams
Sparkle Plenty Day   Steve Wacker
(6 String) Mail Order Bride   Gantcho Boyadjiev
War Without Violence   jeff cohn
Sweet Talk   philip klein
Bad Choices   Doug Jones
It’s Not About Me   Jared Akers
My Best Misbehavior   Chris Crockett
Things Are Going To Be OK   Dean Nelson
All Good Things   Peggy Ratusz
Just Because   Tamara Lewis
Blueberries   Kathleen Moore
What’s in it for Me?   Brad Engel
The Greatest Gift   Jared Akers
Lord Jesus   Emily Tibbo

1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
Honorable Mention