Spring / Summer 2008 — Folk/Acoustic

Contest period: January 1, 2008 to June 30, 2008.

Judge: Roman Morykit.




Hard Workin’ Hands   Dave Gunning
Say It In Spanish   Michael Heaton
The Good Times   Michael Heaton
35 & Thinking   Eric Colville
Goodnight   john weis
I Dreamed of Rain   Lawnie Wallace
It Happened   Stephanie Pauline
Let Go   Daniel Whittington
The Hand I Hold   Billy Gewin
The Ballad of Jack Taylor   Matt Carvin
Take Your Bow   MaryLiz Bender
Beautiful Life   Cari Cole
Bedtime Fairytale   Thomas Reil
I’ve been down before   loren francis
boys on the radio   colleen kattau
What Might’ve Been   Markus Rill
Brighter Lights   Paul Liddell
Sailor’s Song (Go Ye Now in Peace   Justin Karpinos
Boat   Will Riseley
Babylon   Abrie Schutte
Hope you Feel The Same   Chasity Casey
wish   Jill Zmud
The Things That Count   Markus Rill
Everybody’s Got Nipples   Matt Carvin
You’re So Young   Richard Lee Jackson
I remember   Jeffery Brinkman
If I Fall   Brian Lam
Water’s Edge   Sarah Hedges
300 Girls   Meredith Laney
41   Robin Rues
Late Night Nancy   Steve Brockley
Hold You Again   Tony Lechner
Enough For Everyone   Bryan McFarland
Chemistry   Sam Brandao
St. Joseph Blvd.   Wayne S. Roberts
Once Upon A Time   David Meyer
Less Alone   Meredith Laney
Steps in the Sand   derek aramburu
Hear Her Thoughts   Donald Hall
Daddy Drinks Because You Cry   Matt Carvin
She’s My Baby   Tim Jaques
Anymore   Matt Dorman
Green   Kathleen Moore
Sweet dreamer Solveig   Natalia Pikoul
Magic of Belief   michele karmin
Where Lucifer Lingers   Ron Lindsay
The Beat Stuff   Hannah Georgas
My Everything   Dan Racer
High Expectations   Connie Lansberg
Little Bit of Love   Mia Vermillion
Karen   Joseph Anfuso
The Plan   chad biddle
Tonight   Daniel Whittington
Once in a while   Joanna Harmon
Celebration   neil robertson
Howlin’ at the Moon   Eileen Tipping-Humpal
August   Jeannie Heroux
Waiting For Green   Mark Brown
Fall   Donald Hall
Greet the Dawn   Sky Nelson
Redheaded Woman   Ala Ghawas
Imagining   Canan Halaçoğlu
Turn out the light   chris mcmllen
Best Friend   Dyce Kimura
peter pan   joel sprayberry
I Was A Miner’s Wife   Chris Crockett
Sitting in a Room   Edward Willey
C’Mon Inside!   bruce jones
Settle Down   al white
war is sweet   Marshall Hong
My Father   Sarah Jaysmith
Where Will the Wild Ones Go   Diane Lincoln
Any Port   Jeannie Heroux
Midnight Skies   Rich Flanders
Yellow Mailbox   Joal Kamps
With You   Anita Szabó
Pilgrims   Michael Derning
Til the Dawn   Kyle Martin
SugarBee   Ala Ghawas
The Storm   frank bish
Too Much Trouble   michael hamer
My Only Sin   Joseph Batcheller
Devil And The Deep Blue Sea   Peter Fitzpatrick
Julian Loy   Julian Loy
Nature   Gerald Rioux
The Ghost of Beauty’s Perfume   Steve Wacker
Isle of Regret   J. Patrick Sharpe
Hometown Saturday Night   Zachary Newton
You And Me   Mike Robbins
Right The Wrongs   Trish Long
Bring Me The Hammer   Mark Vickness
I Love You, Is That Okay?   Matthew Maye
Flora’s Golden Curls   Michael Marisic
Familiar Faces   Ron Lindsay
Change   Adam McClure
My Nature   Jonathan Crehan
I AM   David Penn
Free From Desire   Jeannie Heroux
Unfamiliar Feeling   Mallory San Marco
Shortcut   Brian Pagels
Middleclass   Monique Barry
End of the Day   Elizabeth Ford
As Simple as it Seems   Patricia Silverberg
dancing roses   Christie Prince
Gold Grass, White Cloud   Mike Billmire
Grateful   Adam Rose
Prayer For Baghdad   Jesse Knutowski
Adeline   Shantel Leitner
Used To Be Cool in High School Blues   J. Patrick Sharpe
Everyone’s In Love But You   David Jaggard
I Recall   Diana Sargent
I’m Fighting   Lynda Sawicki
Between Us   Jack Cantrell
Little Diamond Ring   Joe Ehresman
bonnie and clyde   Adam Weiss
Replica   Ala Ghawas
Bicycle Wheels   chris boyden
Caribbean Dreaming   Larry Edgar
Circles in the Grass   J. Patrick Sharpe
Dear Athena   Octavio Luna
Sad Huge Waste   Lynda Sawicki
Before You Ask   Julie Moe
My Angry Song   J K

1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
Honorable Mention