Spring / Summer 2008 — Pop

Contest period: January 1, 2008 to June 30, 2008.

Judge: Alex Forbes.




Be The One   Katrina Carlson
READY FOR YOU   Oliver Jones
You Dont Even See Me   Thomas Reil
This Life   olivia clayton
Come Around   Michael Wittig
All Hail The Dilettantes   Jon Tregenna
Holdin On   Christina Martinez
Obsessed   david brookings
You and Me   Stephanie Pauline
We Are the Ones (We’ve Been Waiting For)   Sky Nelson
I Dont Wanna   Lawnie Wallace
Too Much To Ask For   Joy Lippard
Ain’t Done With You   Erick Hovey
That’s What I Must Believe   Andrea Squibb
We’re Not Getting Any Younger   Brian Hazard
Remember to Forget   Eric Colville
a new tomorrow   Tony Lowe
Unholy Heart   Rolf Schnyder
Awake For Nothing   al white
Standing Up For Love   Vince Blakey
Middle of a Miracle   jojo worthington
High   Matt Gunston
Submarines   Sara Richardson
Dry Tears   Pedro De Bruyckere
Calibre   Jennifer Trijo
You Bring Me ‘Round   Kiran Singh
Champs Elysees   Eben Rosenberger
1999   jeff bucci
And Still Be Friends   Guy Daniel
Queen Minus King   jeff cohn
Hypnotize   Alicia Champion
Sirena   Jennifer Filzen
And Just Before You   Dan Weintraub
LOVE COMES EASY   Oliver Jones
California   jeff cannata
Scorched   Michael D'Agostino
Sometime   Dave Bootle
Australia   Dave Bootle
Waves Crash   Michael Pinder
Sometimes Love   Betty Holt
Fashionable People   Joel Plaskett
2am.   Dick Groves
Uncross Your Eyes   Jack Ludden
Dusty Promises   Michael Graefe
Falling Down   Gavin Walsh
Heaven in your eyes   Chaz Nikias
Unfinished Life   josephine ancelle
Yo-Yo   Jennifer Filzen
What Have I Learned?   Jennifer Filzen
side by side   jean mann
The Emperor   Matthew Douglas
I Am Me   Dean Nelson
Sleepless Eyes   Justin McMillan
Zoom Lens   Angelina Hill
Everytime   Amy Cross
Summer rain   Hank Hagedoorn
Baghdad   Michael D'Agostino
Love will have to wait for me   Dave Bootle
Just Another Girl   James Connelly
Fantasy Baby   michele karmin
Empty   Jennifer Vitanzo
One Walk on the Beach   Kathleen Moore
I Miss It All   Wonitha Thomas
Forgiveness   John Franklin
NO TIME FOR HATE   susan gabriel bunn
Almost trouble, but what’s the point   al white
RAIN   Mari ++
We Will Find A Way   Sarah Jaysmith
Tell Me   Carl Belair
In From the Outside   laurence cooper
Better to Have Loved   John Worsley
Moving On(Nothing Lasts Forever)   Adrian Niculescu
Kafka Love Song   John Mabey
Kafka Love Song   Richard Potter
Hold A Hand   Ken Dixon
This man I’ve built myself   Adam Waselnuk
Don’t wait for me tonight   Gerhard Carnaghi
Romance Blvd.   Andrzej Garbowski
The Dangers of Knowledge   Jeffrey Cancade
For Always   John Worsley
I only wanna be with you   Riaan van Jaarsveld

1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
Honorable Mention