Spring / Summer 2009 — Country

Contest period: January 1, 2009 to August 31, 2009.

Judge: Bill Pere.




Backwards   Marc Kuchner
60 Million Strong   Michael Paul Gerace
Fool’s Gold   Gene Mills
Start Now   Marc Kuchner
My Truck   Michael S. Greenly
Let Somebody Else Care   Tim Settle
Sweepin’ Your Memory Away   Laurie & Rick Williams
Radio Nights   Bridget Nault
In Whatever Time We Have (C&W)   Michael S. Greenly
Back In Your Arms Again   t wayne
Made To Love You   Jeremy Hendrickson
Barstool   Michael Dwyer
Everything Happens for a Reason (demo by james)   Michael S. Greenly
Mr. & Mrs. Happily Everafter   Rick Wicker
Nothing Like You   jadi norris
Everybody Stomp Stomp   Russ Case
My Home Town   Joanna Lyon
It Ain’t Me   Joe Z
She Don’t Ride   Ward Parker
God can you spare a moment   Joerg Dewald
A THousand Horses   Dianne O'Neill
To Be Gone   Mark Keller
Pennies of Steel   Jeffrey Cava
Daddy Why Did You Leave   Nancy Line
The Best I’ve Sung   Darren Scott
One Track Mind   Dianne O'Neill
Gone Fishin’   Paul Renaud
Picture Yourself   Cassandra White
When I Look Into Your Eyes   Melinda Starnes
Angel On My Hands   Thomas LaFlesh
The Great Trapeze   Joe Thompson
A Little Piece Of Your Heart   Bella Bogart
Don’t Know Why   Jeffrey Cava
Good Old Boy   Brad Cole
Shine On   Ken Darms
She Deserves   Michael Young
Tryin To Make it Till Payday   Brenda Jackson
I Told The Rain   Marc Kuchner
It Won’t Be Christmas Without You (vocal by Jeff Twardzik)   Gary Hall
Urban Cowboy   Glenn Valles
don’t wait too long   Gerhard Carnaghi
Potential   Lisa Biales
Too Late   Rebecca Henricks
Just a Lock of Hair   Robert Young
Cowboy in My Heart   Rick Wicker
Mr. Right, Mr. Wrong   Kevin Glenn
It’s All About You (version 2)   Clark Ford
Laydie, Love Me Back   Bill Hines
Follow Me Down This Road   Rachel Dawick
Talking to the Stars   William Beach
Good-bye Kiss   Gerhard Carnaghi
I Still Get Butterflies   Amanda Halloran
Surely You Jest (version 2)   Clark Ford
Walls of Pain   Nicholas Colmenares
You Loved My Way   Mellina Barnett

1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
Honorable Mention