Spring / Summer 2009 — Folk/Acoustic

Contest period: January 1, 2009 to August 31, 2009.

Judge: Severin Browne.




Lightnin’s Cadillac   Dana Hubbard
What a Day I’ve Had   John O'Connell
All The Letters   Helen Austin
The Richest Poor Man   Michael Young
Noah’s Ark   Paul Hanna
Prayer of the Workin’ Man   Beth Schafer
Death   Andy Faza
The Ballad of June Bug Lee   Lauren Adams
Divorce Court   Rick Wicker
YOU   Chantelle Barry
City Of Gold   Ward Parker
I Always Thought That I’d Be Young Forever   David Penn
I Can’t Rhyme   cristina taddonio
Next Year   Elly Wininger
Not My Job   Edward Thomas
Carburetor   Gene Mills
Within My Heart   John O'Connell
Broke Down Carousel   Roger Tomhave
Santo milagreiro   George Whitesell
it’s up to you   Maurice Deck
Rain on Snow   Jessie Donnelly
It’s Nothing Like Puff The Magic Dragon   Alistair Johnston
Changing Lanes   Marissa DiBlasio
SIMPLE THINGS   Chantelle Barry
find your escape   daniel cameron
Faster than Lightning   nicole niedermeier
Luanne   Peter Carey
Give My Heart to My Brother   Ryan Long
It Was Never a Bad Thing   Laurie & Rick Williams
Wallpaper’s Peeling   Greg McAteer
It’s Times Like This I Cry   Maurice Deck
Victory   Bern Prost
Carry Me Home   Elizabeth Easley
Can’t Breathe, Can’t Scream   Anthony Lipira
Save Me (After All Your Tears)   Bella Bogart
Shifting Edge   Juliet Spitzer
Fade to Dust   Meredith Blis Sincoff
Pick me up   Jim Ferrie
Living With the Broken Glass   Juliet Spitzer
Still There   Adam Murphy
Leaf   Paul Hanna
I’m Not   Chris Miller
Monsoon   Heather Wertheimer
Heart and Ring   Renee Smith
U.S.A.   Raymond Schultz
Do Without   Kathleen Herndon
Seasons will stay the same   John E Wright
You Will Always Be   Liz Garvin
Mystery Bow   Gideon Brown
Midnight Soldier   Bern Prost
Come On   Jeff Greeneberg
Like the Love in I Love You   Jeff Ashbaker
Company Town   Samyr Cruz
Adios ilusion   Jorge Lan
Body Catch A Body   Lindsey Mills
Time Will Only Tell   matt robinson
Sweet Mystery   Winder Lyons
Come Home   Brad Cole
Mermaid Song   Jyoshna La Trobe
Ceasefire   Carol Barbieri
Let’s Make the Difference   Bridget Krause
It’s The Coming of the Time   Laurie & Rick Williams
Always   Joe Clopton
Always and Still   Jeffrey Jones
forever blue   Michael Lawrence
Love Song to the Earth   William Renner
Babies in these Mountains   Tom Neilson
Doomsday Dave   Adam Murphy
Isn’t There Something   Faith Ng
Every Body Feels Da’ Blues (c)   Vivien Unsinn
Much more better   Kerstin, Maria Rosling
Rhode Island   Aaron Frankel
Time of my life (band version)   Jim Ferrie
Ship of Pain   Lovisa Ståhl
Through the Eyes of My Son   William Avdoulos
Warriors For Peace   Lynda cole
A Pirate’s Life   Jim Berault
One Too Many   Roy Schroedl
Monks   Diane Lincoln
Lost   joel cuzzi
My Heart Still Belongs to Her   Patricia Luce Chapman
Where There’s No Going Back   Ben Rusch
Golden Woods   Winder Lyons

1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
Honorable Mention