Spring / Summer 2009 — Instrumental

Contest period: January 1, 2009 to August 31, 2009.

Judge: Tomás Hradcky.




Life   Steingrimur Thorhallsson
A-Sharp   Joel Styzens
Flood Of Steel   Yukihide Takiyama
The Highlands   Betsy Foster
Upper   Stephan Braun
Journey Home   Bart Hoevenaars
Palmas   Eddie Paton
Steel String Rag   Raymond Schultz
I   David Penn
Appointment In Samarra   Andrew Robert Walker
pernie   Katie Simko
Flight of the Dragonfly   Jamie Auberg
Last days of fall   Rolf Schnyder
gone to glory   Walt Cronin
Hot Fantasy   Danail Yordanov
Talia’s Waltz   Dan Adler
Love Is Forgiving   Peter B Robinson
Waiting By The Sea   Jean Pascal Monzies
Looking for the Light   Jamie Auberg
Romance in G Major for Cello and Orchestra   David Watt
Mark’s Song   Betsy Foster
Exodos   Stephan Braun
New York City Cha Cha   Michael Vidale
Downtown Octaves   Thomas Formanek
Geisha   Jean-Pierre Lantieri
Konyaku Sofa   Paul Doroshevich
Cartography   Daniel Oehlman
Sometimes in the Spring (instrumental)   Betty Holt
A Soldier Gone   Richard Klein
Rejuvenation   Jim Sims
Our Spirits Are Rising   Lynda cole
Heart Full of Love   Andreas Smagadis
Quentin’s Theme   Don Mittan
The Storrow Projekt   Tim Paul Weiner
3min Song of Joseph   Dr. Ron Sherman
An Unanswered Prayer (instrumental)   John Tomaino
Back Then (instrumental)   Max Brenner
Foothills   duane sharman
Cinco de Mayo (instrumental)   Gregory Puskas
Still Waters   Jason Cullimore
And So The Story Goes   Gordana Jovkovic
Place of Solace   Jim Sims
Rite Move   Andrew Robert Walker
Island of my dreams-part 1   Arek Religa
Spanish Eyes   Gerald Readore
Dreamland   Jean-Pierre Lantieri
Dorian   Joe Perlaky
The Silver Carillon   Jason Cullimore
Aluminum Dreams   Cynthia Paris
Is Real   emmanuel reyes
Cenote Journey   Clark Ford
Impromptu # 1   Melinda Starnes
Le Grand Classique   yann espinosa
Funk You   Robert Vettese Jr.
Genesis   Felipe Ugalde
Into Your Presence   Denise Isaac
The North Shore   Don Mittan
These Last Few Days   Rick Wicker
Rainy 4.25   Javier Lopez Escamez
A little sparrow   Hansen Chew Chai Min
Just Can’t Wait   Gerald Readore
You’re the One   Gerald Readore
Round and Round   Harley Toberman

1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
Honorable Mention