Spring / Summer 2010 — Folk/Acoustic

Contest period: September 1, 2009 to July 31, 2010.

Judge: Janet Fisher.




Waiting for Rain   Mark Brown
Landlocked Hurricane   Lucas Martin
I Wanna Live Like That   Cathy-Anne McClintock
Benny Brown   Terry Penney
Halo   Megan Small
Carol Anne   Penny Menze
The Mantel Song   Roger Tomhave
Unpredictable   john mcvey
Urban Dream   Andreas Jordan
Broken   Kajsa Vala Zachariae
Barcelona   brian E
One With Peanut Butter   MJ O'Sullivan
Drivin’ That Lawnmower To Town   Mick Byrd
When You Do   Omega Bugembe Okello
Our Dreams Back Then   Kris Kehr
The Ransom   Lisa MacIsaac
I Look Up   Beth Schafer
Where The Wild Things Are   Ben Rusch
Money Today   Diane Lincoln
STRANGE DAY   mike obryan
Song For Sean   Kevin Bulmer
Set Free   Rick Corrigan
‘Cause I Weep   Lisa Young
Bagley Avenue   Kevin Bulmer
Rain   Hlynur Jökulsson
Cross My Heart   sarah stinnett
That’s my boy   Andrew Kreider
I Like Cacti   Randy Kaplan
Worth The Wait   kirsten proffit
Choir of Angels   Wesley Switzer
Solstice Morning   Tom Neilson
Town That Time Forgot   Terry Penney
She’s Gone Away   john stratton
Reciprocate   Brandon North
One Night Stand   Matt Gunston
Brand new Day   Andreas Jordan
Love Is Tough   Max Phillips
Little Worried Mind   Eric Lipper
Small of My Heart   Lisa MacIsaac
Rings in the Water   thomas pearce
Lie to You   Lindsay May
Buddy Holly Blues   Terry Penney
Sunny Day in November   Kevin Bulmer
Famous   Anthony Spirito
Standing in the Breadline   David McAdams
You Can Open Your Eyes   Larry Karol
It’s Up To You   Paul Kill
Girl of my dreams   Eric Vanier
Kiki   Paul Hanna
Confederate Roses   Mac Leaphart
How You Been   Joe Zambon
Hard to Get Over Me   Manny Freiser
Welcoming the New Me   Sky Nelson
The Brave   jordan reyne
Indiscriminate Act of kindness   Foy Vance
CANDY MAN   John O'Connell
Cosmic Summer Sojourn   Susan Savia
Things We’ll Never Know   Hannah Hickok Maggie Kraus
Six Years Old   Jessamyn Luong
When Angels Stop & Stare   Dana Hubbard
Ripple in the Water   Ellie Fabe
Smart Girl   Lauren Adams
Down To the river   Deborah Mckeown
Other Peoples Songs   stuart abrams
Missing You   Mark Glasmire
And I Play It Now   Jason Smith
All Along the Shadows   Elisa Di napoli
The Cattails of Rum River Creek   Laurie Akermark
Solitude   tom karl
Forgive & Forget   Michael Anzilotti
Graceland   Bill Hines
these wounds   nicole belanus
On Our Way To Be   Justin Gerritsen
After a While   Sachin Raj
Anonymity   guillaume uzzardi
Do the Best We Can   Jerry Crawford
Loved Up   gerard magnarelli
Im yours   tony Benn
They Called Him Shade   Mick Shade
Radio Girl   Marcelo Cantalino
On My Own   Wesley Switzer
Tethered Wings   test4 Quickfix
A wonder I feel   Mary Right
Sunday River   Anne Weiss
sail away   rick maisonneuve
Love’s Ashes   Sachin Raj
Tomorrow Isn’t   Kate Gee
Wait for Me   Kimberlee Robben
The Welcome Song   Aminah Hughes
Old Love   violet naytowhow
Arran   Neil Watson
A Boy And His Son   Paul Kill
It Starts With You And Me   Glenn Valles
Clothes with a Story   Peter Mandic
Lay Down Your Burden   Jerry Crawford
guardian angel eyes   ollie Gallagher
The Ballad of Copper Penny   Sr Woodward
Warm Hands   Gretel Templeton
Song of Praise   Larry Karol
forever and a day   chris mcdonald
Run Boy Run   Mike Hyden
Who Is My Neighbor   Jessamyn Luong
Song In My Head   James Brentar
am I right   Kai Harm Fiefstück
Safe and Open   Wesley Switzer
The Egyptian Swing   Cédille Napier
Voice Of An Angel   Jeff Sweet
Walk a Mile With Me My Friend   Gail Desjardins
All Around My Heart   Joanna Swan
Silence & Darkness   Lindsay Dellinger
Coal Creek Canyon   Michael Sudak
Trains   Anne -Grete Helgheim
Wakin Up To History   Adam Ohayon
Dreamed it Was You   Tom Palminteri
Honkytonks & Roadhouses   Charles Williams
Sweet Erin’s Isle   Christine Triffitt
Somebody Told Me   Jamie Doe
Prolong the Night   Kathrin Siegmund
Afraid on my side   Mary Right
Why   Spencer Kelly
Foreign Stone   Mary Right
Gee-Wiz Honey   lacey mattison
Sometimes   Carsten Güllich-Nørby
The Road to Shangri-La   Mike Salvatore
Softly   Renee Smith
shadows   gabriella coniglio
Street Talk   Paul Hanna
Severy’s Cabin   Andy Jaske
Anton’s Diary   Bern Prost
Darling Anna   Martin Davies
Heaven or Hell   Antony Wood
The Selkie   Phil Holland
Return To Me (With Becky Lee)   Joao Parreirao
One Night in Paradise   Andreas Jordan
The Olive   Phil Holland
Photograph   Deanna Cartea Josephson
Fade Away   Jason Brubaker
Spring Has Gone   Tom Palminteri
Use This Bright Day   Paul Hanna
Circle   K C
Carry On   Dallas Thornton

1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
Honorable Mention