Spring / Summer 2010 — Pop

Contest period: September 1, 2009 to July 31, 2010.

Judge: Martin Blasick.




Gets Me High ft. Kris Langemann   Jay T. Edmondson
An Emergency   John Tomaino
Live in Love   Sky Nelson
Waiting Up   Matt Gunston
I am gone   Mike Attinger
Silly Love Songs   Sarah Brown
The Edge of Love   Rolf Schnyder
I Want It Yesterday   Louise Stanners
Right Time   brian E
Keep Them Safe   Cindy Blevins
nobody   Ian Carroll
Lone Eagle   Paolo L. Gatti
Won’t You Come Out and Play   Bria Skonberg
Take Me Away   Leo James
Full Circle   Brandon Williams
You Make Me Cry   Joe Romeo
Pale Moon   Cindy Blevins
Complete   Marshall Hong
Not Enough   Natalie Brettell
Life These Days   Pamela Tessmann
St. Mary’s redemption   Bruno Brocchi
Earth Passport   Scott Stephens
Meet Me In Your Dreams   Bria Skonberg
Summer Skies   Paul Le Claire
Ornament (Freshly Painted)   Matt Rhoden
Diamond Nights   Paolo L. Gatti
Bel Esprit   Justin M
Hard Time   Matt Rhoden
Love Came By Sundown   Randolph Walker
There is Nothing Big in Playing Small   Sky Nelson
Stinson   Band Rorschach
What Were You Thinking?   Ember Swift
Vegas   jane Hunt
Free So Free   Jason Nembhard
Speed of Life   John Tomaino
There Are Angels   Cheryl Metrick
Alive   Gianna Izzo
The Machines of B   jordan reyne
The Con Man’s Easy Chair   john mcvey
All I Need   Antti Pesonen
When Love Is Blind   Marty McCray
Remember Me   Pamela Webb
Strawberry Icecream   Mike Attinger
You Can Run   Mario Percudani
Need You Now   Pennan Brae
Beat of My Heart   Marty McCray
Let Music   Gaylin Tan
miss   Kai Harm Fiefstück
Listening   Johanna Philio
Let Love In   Marshall Hong
Over and Out   Eric Vanier
my blues   Kai Harm Fiefstück
Waiting   Shawn Scott
Seen You Laugh   Nic Gibbs
Living On Borrowed Time   David Pellegrene
The Lost Years   Kathryn Rose
I’m In Deep   Blake Elliott
What Are You Waiting For   Randolph Walker
WE’RE GETTING MARRIED   larry warren
Time Flies   evi vine
Time For Little Hands   Brian Holmes
Junky Disillusion   guillaume uzzardi
Under the Moon   Julian Tucker
So Proud   Pamela Tessmann
Unity Represewnt Earth   Stonewall Towery
JUMP THE BUMP   mike obryan
Make It   Lars Erik Sparby
Sweep Me   Curt Yagi
Moonlight   Steven Daniels
Lonely Man   Cathy Young
Phoenix   Melissa Kate Miller
Something’s Missing   Pennan Brae
Starbrite   rick maisonneuve
Why aren’t you home tonight   Florent Sivell
Whistle and I’ll Come To You   Caroline Ty
Do You Think I’m Hot?   John Hall
Life These Days   Pamela Tessmann
Play a Winner   Andy Jaske
Trance Walk’n   Stonewall Towery
Snuggies   Brian Huber
Ambiguosexual   Nicole Taylor
Dream About Vegas   Andy Jaske
Sands   Ilona Nevalainen
Something’s strange   Ioannis Kapnistis
Why Do All The Good Girls Like The Tough Guys   Frank Bonafede
Understand   Julie Kathryn
DRIVER   Anthony P. Castrovinci

1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
Honorable Mention