Summer 2014 — Singer/Songwriter

Contest period: May 1, 2014 to July 15, 2014.

Judge: Martin Blasick.




Midnight Prayer   Polly Gibbons
Theresa Smile   Mike Hyden
Honky Tonkin’ Bar   Patrice Webb
Just Get Lost   Anja Gräfe
California Blue   Max Brenner
Hearts   jojo worthington
Ready To Burn For Bliss   Anja Gräfe
What You Make Of Me   Mike Hyden
Drown   JIm Patton
I Won’t Go   Adrian Duke
Just Me Missing You   Shane Martin
Rulers   Constant Van Graan
What Would I Give   Anja Gräfe
Respect ft. Torio Jones   Jay T. Edmondson
Story   philip creamer
Years From Now   Joal Kamps
MARGARITA   glenn erickson
End of War   Eric Colville
Stormy Christmas   Justin Quinn
Amadeus   jojo worthington
Leave Me The Road   Michael Stovall
Hidden in Plain Sight   David Cohen
They Think They Know you   Michael Painchaud
A song about leaving home   Karl Wassholm
Surrender   Karl Wassholm
Not What I Expected   Dave Nachmanoff
Pretty Well Without You   Katrina Cain
Lonesome, Have You Found Me Again   Meg Tennant
Descartes in Amsterdam   Dave Nachmanoff
What I Like   Terry Blankley
Africa   efrem gaio
Get Away From Me   Michael Batdorf
Forgiveness   Angela Cross
You’re Not Alone   David Cohen
Our Night   David Parsons
Philadelphia   Eric Colville
Our Hearts Bend   Michael McGee
Ode To Robert Frost   Lenny Solomon
Believe?   Jodi Smith
Hey There Man   Michael Painchaud
You can’t break me   Scilla Siekmann
Winterglow   Jeff Burton
Dogs Know All About Love   Charlie Hill
Dear Mother   John Duggleby
Dare To Dream   Max Phillips
Progress   Benjamin Dakota Rogers
I’ll Be Ready   Kristen Tivey
Wayfarer   Benjamin Dakota Rogers
Because You’re You   Lynn Hollyfield
Be Now   David Cohen
TRUE LOVE   efrem gaio
Little Lyin’ Jane   Karl Henrik
the long gone dead wrong sad song miss you blues   Mike Hyden
That Girl   Joshua Wheatley
New Plan   Ben Lyons
Union Square   Rudi Bakken
Move Ben Move   Benjamin Dakota Rogers
On the Day I Leave This World   JIm Patton
Death by Water   Lisa Anderson
Lies In The Dark   Sondra Toscano
Not Afraid   Jozef Bubnár
Dust And Snow   Joseph tonelli
Star King   Fima Malkis
Just a Memory   JIm Patton
Thunder And Light   Capers Simmons
Somewhere on eBay   Monika Lutz
You Can’t Tame a Cowboy   Cindy Tucker
The Walk   Michelle Tomlinson
Passing Through   Matt McCulloch
Way Down   Tomasz Kruk
Miss You Tonight   Sandy Moran
Autumn Winds   Michael Painchaud
Remind Me What Love Is   Scilla Siekmann
Fading away   Jeff Burton
The Dream   Katrina Cain
YOUR TENDER KISS   Gisela Schutten
Enough Love for Two   Roger Tomhave
The Happy Song   Justine Eltakchi
Don’t Let Me Go   Francisco Gonzalez
In The Balance   Lynn Hollyfield
The Sign of Love   David Warner
Downstream   Constant Van Graan
Humanity   Jozef Bubnár
Under The Moon With You   Julian Tucker
The Silence Speaks   David Warner
Telling Tales   Camilla Kunz
Fool’s Gold   Justine Eltakchi
Shine Song   Pavel Rokyta
Reflection   Gary Baugh
I. Am.   Elisabeth Poole
Imprisoned   Phil Lewis
Where My Love Can Reach   Pablo Samonta
The Hunter and The Dove (You)   Katrina Cain
It Doesn’t Matter Now   Chooka Parker
Romantic Song   Pavel Rokyta
Chords   Ever Fung
Blue Eyes   Josh Puu
On The San Francisco Bay   Stonewall Towery
Fragile   John E Wright
Sweet Jesus   Joshua Wong
Kitchen Conversations   Erin Branzell
Free As A Bird   Pavel Rokyta
Out Of The Black   Tiki Black
It’s Cold   Steven Daniels
Great Divide   Gene Mills
Storms   Justin Quinn
Warning Light   Matt Reno
Life   Camilla Kunz
Until the End   Justin Quinn
Without You   Roxanne Lecuyer
Lines   Niall McGuinness
The Girl in the Stairwell (Hope for You)   Johanna Philio
SOME TIMES   Gerald Ulmer
Elsewhere   Nikita Emtsov
Kill You With Kindness   Dorothy Reiser
Right On Time   Phil Lewis
Fade Away   Stonewall Towery
the immortality of love   Camilla Kunz
Far From Spring   Jarrod Gawne
Up North Song   Kathleen Moore
Shadows   Nikita Emtsov
In the Night   Kent Welton
Dog Day Afternoon   Patrice Webb
Like Your Hero   Paul Kloschinsky
Paradise High   David Boland
Shadows Watch Over Me   Justin Quinn
Solid Ground   Nataliya Medvedovskaya
The Fools We Are Right Now   Erin Branzell

1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
Honorable Mention