Summer 2015 — Singer/Songwriter

Contest period: April 20, 2015 to July 17, 2015.

Judge: Alissa Moreno.




In Their Absence   Jeromy Darling
This Too Shall Pass   Lynne Hanson
Carnival   Mikalyn Hay
Where You Are (reprise)   Jared Lutes
Fool’s Gold   Gilbert Bassey
Long Way to Go   John Logan
Outer Space   Justina Shandler
Burning Boat   Rebecca Madden
The Rain   Trevor Tunison
Like a Doll   Katie Solomon
Over   BC Bogey
Come Hell or High Water   D.B. Rielly
Apple Pie Moonshine   Dave Tough
I Don’t Mind   Mel Hart
Cure   Laura Tremblay
Till the Morning Light   Robert Bertoldi
The Little Things   Olivia Frances
Daydreaming   CHUN YIN CHAN
Won’t Apologize   Roy Flores
You’ll See My Love, I Swear   Allen Haag
One Way Ticket   Max Brenner
A City Kind of Love   Sarah Thomas
Almost   daniel morrow
You Don’t Know Jack   Kevin P
Killing Me   Adrian James
Austin   Jenny Baird
Intangible Longings   Allen Haag
Runaway Man   Samuel McDonald
Redline   Jeremy Johnson
Last Lullaby   Rolf Schnyder
In My Hands   Franziska Henke
Lionheart Soul   Jared Lutes
My Closest Friend   Robert Bertoldi
Funny Little Things   Joanna Szymanska
Pieces of Love   nancy kujawinski
Possibilities   Victoria Fragoso
Useless Tongue   Allen Haag
The Letter   Orion Walsh
This Time   Helen Austin
Daylight   Alexia Cross
Shipwrecked   Kathleen Obschlager
Hard to keep   Andreas Jordan
Sexy – yea yea yea   dave mcgann
“Thank God for Lou Reed”   Eric Clifford Graf
Over You   Dave Sollee
The Girl   Mark Mathews
Comin’ Home   Frank Stewart
Up All Night   Sinonim Band
American Dream   Char Fogel
It Feels Good to Smile   Tim Settle
Memories Of Dad   Darryl Wills
Fadi Awad feat. Karina Morin – Searching (Original Mix)   Meredith Blis Sincoff
Wearin’ Blue   Paul Kloschinsky
Lay With Me Dear   Ross Adams
Minor Offender   Michèle Raffaele
The Love Bug   Kathryn Rose
Hollow   Nella Thomas
Intimacy   Ethan Haskell
Wild Nights (Bright Lights)   Nick Luck
Soultime (Recreation)   Claudia Vorbach
Paralyzed   Eimi Tanaka
Find Myself   Jonathan Ditto
A Man Like Me   Carl Fassl
I Don’t Want To   Robin Johnson
Is it just me   daniel morrow
Concrete   Kaleb Hanly
Beautiful World   Reentko Dirks
Wind of Fairy   Andreas Jordan
Come to the Surface   John Hanson
Away   Daniel Rimaldi
Autopilot Life   Ava Suppelsa
Harvester   Ken Dunckley
10/23   Christian Natta
Dancing in the Breeze   Judy Daigle
Strung Together   Katie Reid
All We Are   Claudia Vorbach
Urban Dream   Andreas Jordan
How To Say   Eimi Tanaka
Lost Inside   Michael Gilroy
Misty Mountain   Laura Tremblay
Crimson and Gold   Robert Lasher
Shoot me with your best shot   Gregorios Agyralides
It’s You   Laura Tremblay
Dark Delilah   Katie Solomon
The Charade   Kathleen Obschlager
Praising the Lord   Corinne Newton
Black Dog   Amir Rahimzadeh
Crazy   dave mcgann
Greatest Love Story   Judy Daigle
jus’ love you   marc tilson Tilson
Arouse Me When You Rouse Me   peter scales
Picture Frame   Mayen Akpan
Every Day   Mark Johnson
Wild Land   Otto Steiner
Let’s Take a Chance   Melissa Nagy
My Fort   Lovisa Ståhl
Mornings Ago   peter scales
O sweet, loved uncertainty   Karl Wassholm
We’re Past Our Dancin’ Days   peter scales
Weeks   connor mcbride
Here In My Heart   Katie Reid
Summer   dave mcgann
Realise   Robin Johnson
Confession   Michael Gilroy
Step on the Gas   Alexia Cross
Twirl and Swirl   Joel Gendelman
The Songwriter   Alan Babbitt
Mountains to climb   Claudia Vorbach
Against the fire   Stefanie Schultze
“Paris (Forget the Greeks)”   Eric Clifford Graf
Man Under the Roses   Stephee Bonifacio
Love You Like Me   Stephee Bonifacio
SAILING ON THE BAY   todd bailey

1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
Honorable Mention