Summer 2017 — Folk/Acoustic

Contest period: October 10, 2016 to September 15, 2017.

Judge: Kyle Novy.




Oh Canada   Ben Higginbotham
Winding Rain   Joseph Mosman
Between Lives   Justin Seagrave
Our House, Our Town   Seth Ginsburg
The Path You Set   Savannah Merlin
What is and What Was   Adam Fichtelberg
lyer   Karen Verhelst
Do What You Love   Ron Poythress
If These Walls Could Talk   Ron Poythress
Only time will tell   Patrick Mc Eleney
Everything changes with you (live acoustic)   Patrick Mc Eleney
“Winter On The Boardwalk”   Mike Kosec
Saviour in Disguise   Stefanie Schultze
Daisies and clover   Stefanie Schultze
endangered dream   Ron Poythress
Bear Woman   Loriann Rella
TOO MANY FEELINGS (Pop/Alt/Indie-Male Vocalist)   Melissa Grey
(You) Won’t break apart   Viktor Helmersson
Please Come Back   Jared Lutes
City guards won´t le you in   Maddie Larsson
Walk of Shame   Maddie Larsson
Place in the Sky   Jean Pascal Monzies
tall   Karen Verhelst
Please me   Maddie Larsson
Sunshine   Justin Cepeda
When lilacs last in the dooryard bloom’d   John Slade
Redemption   Robert Ouseley
Meet me Back in Ireland   Ken O'Malley
Before The Mast   David Barber
Songs for Her   Laura Suarez
It’s that Easy   Jonathan Ditto
Lie To You   Justin Cepeda
Jesus, Mary and Joseph   Dominic D'Cruz
Counting on Love   Jess Novak
California   David Barber
Whirlpool   Hollie Thubron
I m no junkie   Fabrice Boutin
Seeing you again   thanae Pachiyannakis1
There’s A New Tenant   Alan Grattan
Don’t Miss It   Sam Miller
And it’ll Rain Again   Anna Booher
Another Once Upon a Time   Laura Suarez
MIMA   Phil Braun

1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
Honorable Mention