Song Name: To Live and Die in Georgia

Songwriter: Michael Stovall

Copyright: 2013

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As a man what do you do with a heart that don't react the way it oughta
even when you say you dont know who i am
you said black clouds are rolling in with the rain
pushing it east, pushing it on us
listen to me, you better get out while you can
I wanna know how it feels
women and whiskey, pills and dancing
waiting and watching, wondering if were all lost
or if its all part of the game we play
and the friends that we knew that all stayed home for the summer
just to play out in the warm water
thinking to themselves, my how things never change
I wanna know how it feels
to live and die in Georgia
leave my bones where my soul felt at ease
to live and die in Georgia
I dont ever wanna
i don't wanna leave