Song Name: Ain't No Surrender In Me

Songwriter: Jim Burnevik

Copyright: 2012

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When all hell breaks loose
And things get rough
You can count on me
I won't say I've had enough.
When the odds are stacked
Against me like a wall
I won't surrender
I'll just stand up tall

Chorus:Never gonna turn and run away
When times get tough I'm here to stay.
Never gonna pack it up and flee,
'Cause there ain't no surrender in me.
There ain't no surrender in me. Ain't no surrender in me.
I'm gonna stand my ground'cause I'm proud and free.
And there aint no surrender in me.
I'm never gonna back on down.
I'll keep on fightin' untill the end.
Ain't nothin' gonna make me break.
I won't ever even bend.
Ain't gonna wave no white flag.
Never gonna negotiate.
Aint gonna ever surrender
So don't hold your breath and wait
I'm never gonna back away.
Never gonna call it quits.
I'm like a mountain of granite
That ain't moving from where it sits.
(Well)I'm never gonna give it up.
Never gonna sound retreat
I won't ever surrender
Won't say that I am beat.