Song Name: Find Myself

Songwriter: Jonathan Ditto

Copyright: 2015

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As I listen for the sun to set again
As I wait for the shooting stars good bye my friends
As I make a brand new start to another land

Come if you will, Stay if you can
Where the midnight sun and the songbird sings
Where heaven touches an angels wings

Sometimes I find myself, searching through the looking heart
Sometimes I find myself , making a brand new start

Waiting for the outside to come back in
This time , Im stain inside again
This time , Im keeping the ride my friend
This time, IM staying alive, in my own way
HA HA today


So open up your mind while looking you your heart
Start to feel the shine, don't let anyone make you blind
To what you got
Yah thats right your a living being
Yah thats right your a spirit between
All the realms of materialistically ( material istic ality )
Far beyond what they have made it seem.