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Redefining traditional musical formulas and blowing away the typical four piece alternative bands is just another day in the talented, vast world of Aron Lyrd. A complete one man show, Lyrd pulls off a variety of musical styles while single-handedly writing and recording everything from guitar to percussion to vocals. While the quality would suffer for many using this approach, he manages to build a full, dynamic sound which is demanding the attention of thousands across the world.

With millions of plays and numerous fans on his MySpace page, Lyrd’s songs are catching fire at the speed of light, garnering the interest of critics, magazines, and websites. He was selected by the illustrious Alec Promotions as a featured artist, and successfully received airplay on Indie 104 iRadio in Los Angeles, California. His brilliant alternative rock jams are drawing comparisons to Matchbox 20, Oasis, The Killers, and David Bowie, while fans feverishly spin his infectious songs over and over.

A story of true inspiration, the singer songwriter is no stranger to adversity. After contracting transverse myelitis in 2004, which causes swelling in the spine, and suffering a stroke from a blood clot, Lyrd was paralyzed. Through ironclad determination and arduous work, he regained the use of his arm, and started writing poetry, which eventually led to music. Fast forward to 2010, and Lyrd has rapidly become a dramatic force in the alternative rock scene.

Lyrd already has five albums under his belt, including Dark Metallic Mist by the Moonlight, which received an outpouring of positive reviews from fans and critics. With 50 songs available for purchase in his iTunes store, there literally is something for nearly every music lover who’s searching for the next breakout artist.

“The song starts off with a very intriguing intro. The vocals sound warm and very radio friendly. The lyrics are not bad either. The main hook is very effective (and memorable) in guiding the song through to the end. I think this song has a very high chance of radio success. Great job!,” said DJ Riff Raff of Raleigh, North Carolina on the catchy track, “Just Wasting Time.”

Lyrd has multiple songs available for streaming on his MySpace page, and all of his records are available for digital purchase through iTunes. Experience what thousands already have, and bear witness to a single man who produces enough sound for a full blown orchestra.


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