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R+R – Album – Produced between Italy and L.A. (Usa);
Sanremo.59 – Contest – Final (Guest @ Ariston Theatre);
Close my eyes – Single – Paramount Pictures Hollywood;
Vita (col) Top – Single – Rotation on italian music networks;
Note a Pennello – contest – Winner – Best Song “Brivido”;
Scotch Ale vs Tband – web campaign;
Keep on GMP – contest – winner;
GMP @ Mei Faenza – Final;
Rock Tv – Sala Prove New Rock bands on tv – contest – winner;
Music Aid 2009 – Contest – Nomination for “Best Band Category + Special mention for “Best music Video” (Close my eyes);
Vola Via – single – ……?

Start date: 2008. At this very moment of their biography, Scotch Ale are exactly how they wish: happy and distilled. Recently returned from a journey to the United States, they are like a transplantation of an origin-controlled genuine taste in a foreign territory.
Thats why listening to them is like the reassuring dragging of a well-known flavor, that surprises repeatedly with unexpected notes. The melodic solutions can be easily assimilated; the sense of rhythm may lead to dance, to share the exciting energy. Entertainment is so palpable that it becomes contagious.
What you dont expect is an apparently predictable chorus turning into an unexpected take-off towards dizzy rhythms; that kind of entertainment hiding second levels of irony, highlighted by ALEs nasal scratching timbre; the apparently immediate lyrics which hide amused bitterness, with that learned nonchalance giving space to lucid detachment.. Obtaining, on a second analysis, a value which is not simply musical.
Behind the mask of strong appeal, that deep and bitter aftertaste of the things that increase of value over time hides. A point of view that modern pop-rock has, for long time, forgotten. Scotch Ale: and you dont know what youre drinking.


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