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Ante Novaselic – Musician- Guitarist/Songwriter/Touring & Studio
Cell phone: (424) 308-1220
Instrument(s): Electric/Acoustic Guitars (Primary Instrument), Backing Vocals, Bass Guitar, Mandolin, Percussion

Ante Novaselic is a musician/Guitar Player & songwriter from the Los Angeles port town of San Pedro California where he was born to immigrant parents of Croatian descent. A musical family to say the least. Ante started showing an interest in music at an early age. Ante’s first cousin Krist Novaselic noticed Ante’s talent for the guitar when he taught Ante how to play three basic chords on his electric guitar. A couple of days later not only did Ante play those chords as if he had been playing the guitar for years. Ante also learned three more chords and strummed his way through the Bob Dylan classic- “Knocking on Heavens Door”. That is when Krist told Ante’s parents what had happened and suggested that they buy him an acoustic guitar and enroll him in a music school. On Ante’s ninth birthday his parents surprised him with a gift that has yet to be matched to this day. His very first guitar. A beautiful nylon string classical Yamaha acoustic guitar, and guitar lessons at the Grey School of Music. Ante still owns and regularly plays that guitar, and it has been on countless recordings throughout the years. Many years later Ante was offered an endorsement deal with Yamaha Instruments which in a way brought everything full circle for Ante.
Just two years later Ante’s first cousin & early mentor Krist Novaselic along with his family decided that it was time to leave sunny Los Angeles & relocate to the rarely sunny and damp climate of Aberdeen, Washington. Shortly thereafter Krist was introduced to a young misfit kid who was very much into the same things, bands & music he was into, and they quickly became best of friends. They formed a band that went on to change the face of music forever, and touch the souls of people all around the globe. The young misfit kid he met was Kurt Cobain. And the band they formed was Nirvana….
Ante’s early musical influences were the Croatian pop and folk songs that his parents listened too, Ante credits his older brother Sergio for introducing Ante to Hard Rock & Heavy Metal music and bands such as: Rainbow, RUSH, Thin Lizzy, Dio and Judas Priest until finally coming into his own when he first heard the sounds and guitar playing of Mark Knopfler and David Gilmore. Around this time Ante moved to Croatia and shortly thereafter at the early age of seventeen Ante and a couple of his buddies formed a band that set the course for many other musical journey’s & experiences to come for Ante. The band they formed is The Dvor (Croatian for The Neighborhood). The course it set was a chance encounter with a well-known Croatian producer who just so happened to be staying in the hotel the band was playing that night. An introduction led to a phone call two months later which led to an audition which ultimately led to Ante’s next gig which lasted three years playing guitar and singing backing vocals for Croatian pop star Liliana Nikoloska. Barely twenty years old and working as a professional musician touring and recording studio albums. Ante was living the dream all musicians have. But, unfortunately the dream quickly turned into a nightmare. Three years, many gigs and large festivals throughout the former Yugoslavia and two studio albums later it all came to an abrupt, terrifying and sad end due to the infamous war in the Balkans in the early 1990’s. The music stopped and the band all went their separate ways. Ante had no choice but to leave Croatia and return to the United States. Shortly upon his return to the US, Ante got in touch with his childhood friends and formed echodrift. Around this time Ante began to write his own original music and echodrift was the perfect band at the perfect time with the perfect musicians, and the guys liked his songs. Echodrift recorded one album, an EP and lots of singles which were intended to be on the bands second album. Unfortunately, a second echodrift album wasn’t meant to be. Without a label or distribution during that time the band had to get creative. So Ante asked his famous cousin Krist Novaselic (who was about to do a west coast tour with his new post Nirvana band Eye’s Adrift)if he needed a opening act for the tour. As luck would have it Krist really liked echodrift and offered them the gig. . Echodrift also opened for underground cult icons Tito & the Tarantulas several times as well.

Ante was also a founding member, co-songwriter and guitar player for the female fronted pop/rock band COSTIN. A band with a lot of talent & potential. Costin had a knack for writing well-crafted and catchy three-minute pop/rock songs. That was evident when their song “NAKED” cracked the Billboard Top 100 Dance/Club Chart and climbed up to the 12th spot, and stayed on the chart for nearly a month before falling off. They managed to do this on their own with minimal push from a label or management. Another Costin track the deeply personal & inspirational “Better Days” also found success as the theme song for The American Cancer Association. Sales from downloads of Better Days went above and beyond all expectations with all proceeds going to family’s and people suffering from cancer.

Other notable credits for Ante include:

– Mara & the Big Rock Stars- A 80’s,90’s,2000’s cover band with a local & loyal fan base that Ante any band would be proud of. Ante played with Mara & The Big Rock Stars for 8 years
– Shawn Michael Schull & Cross Country- A Country & Southern Rock Band
– The Large Wooden Matches- Alternative Rock Band very influenced by Radiohead

– Ante also Toured with:
– 80’s Synth Pop Pioneers: Naked Eyes who had a Top 10 Single with “Always Something there to Remind me” and a Top 20 Single with “Promises, Promises”
– Belinda Carlisle of the Go Go’s- Heaven is a place on earth
– Crowded House- Died in your arms tonight
– Air Supply- All out of love, Lost in love
The Psychedelic Furs – Pretty in Pink

Ante has several exclusive & non-exclusive publishing & licensing contracts with:

– Chris Bell Publishing

– Broadjam’s Top Ten Publishing

– Music by the Sea Publishing

– One Night Stand Publishing

– Ante’s band COSTIN have had a song place on the Billboard Top 100 Dance/Club Chart. Their song “NAKED” entered the chart at 96 and peaked at the 12th spot on the chart. Naked stayed on the chart for nearly 2 weeks.

– Recently Ante’s song “Trying to each the Ground” placed number one on the Top 10 Earth List (New Age) for North America, and it went Number 3 on the Top 10 Earth List (New Age) for The United States.

– In March 2017 echodrift’s Jazzy,Funky Rock track S.O.L won the song of the month contest for the month of March 2017. For winning Ante and the band were offered a one song publishing deal with Top 10 Publishing.

– In recent years Ante has been focusing his talent and energy in creating music towards licensing/syncs opportunities for film and TV and has been steadily getting songs placed. As well as performing live and touring with various projects, artists and bands.


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