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I was lucky my numerological numbers lined up and equate to a person with a flare or gift for creative writing. I have often wondered where the lyrics originate, many times I sit down with pen in hand and write a complete song in 10 to 20 minutes, with the music already playing in my head.

I grew up in Melbourne, Australia. My memories are filled with happy times, growing up with my brother and three sisters, trust me there was never a dull moment. I have always had a positive out look to life and take each day as it comes. I have always believed that we create our own future, it is all a state of mind, how and where we direct our thoughts to create the desired outcome.

I have always enjoyed reading and writing poetry. I think I was drawn to it more from an empathic view, as I could always feel exactly what the writer felt. Even where the writing was not so good the feelings were always there.
My musical writing varies from rock, blues, blues rock, to ballads. I love all forms of music, and was lucky enough to grow up in a house hold with parents that listened to a broad range of music.

I have been very fortunate over the years to always have good people to guide me on my paths no matter what my venture. I never forget the words of my high school principal who said I would never amount to much, how wrong he was! His words always stuck with me, and gave birth to the productive side of my life.

I left school and became a motor mechanic, I am not sure why other than it was a job at the time. I worked in the industry for a number of years and moved on to starting up my own successful industrial gardening business. During my mechanical days I was fortunate enough to meet a hippy, and who is now one of my very closest friends. Over the years he has taught me many things, introducing me to I-Ching, Tarot, writing and music. I have and still study music under other instructors but it is his teaching that opened my eyes to music.

I study singing under the guidance of Susie Ahern, who is a stand out vocalist and can reduce me to tears every time she sings, she has a voice of an angel.

I study piano with Peter Magee, who’s knowledge of music and its structure at time mind boggling. I have studied guitar under a few instructors, Zhaan is the stand out by far when it come to the guitar, both his knowledge and ability to play are just outstanding. All of the above teachers have there own way of teaching, but each of them having a great approach and care for their students progress and understanding of each art form.

I have studied Martial Arts for over 25 years and founded the school Combat Ju-Jitsu. It has been a major drive in my life, it taught me to take on a challenge and never give up till I have reached the goal l visualized. Through my training I also studied meditation and found it to be one of the greatest things I have ever practiced, because through meditation I found a way to balance myself and open my mind to a higher plane. Being a Leo has also had a major effect on containing my ego and keeping me grounded.

I have written many songs, they vary in content from personal issues through to world issues. I am now at the point where I am recording my material in the studio. I am now working on two projects, they are both EP’s. My vision is to have my music published so I can share it with the world. At this point I have put my song Blue Horizon up on my site and have had excellent response from all over the world regarding the lyrics, production and music content.

I am very passionate about my performances and alway give 100%, there is no better feeling than having a crowded room of people enjoying the music you are playing. Music is a breathe of life to everyone in some shape or form, and I feel so lucky to be able to share it…….



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