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By: John Mahoney

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania’s favorite one man band is returning again with another smash hit record, sure to please the legions of fans that diligently follow his imaginative, creative music. Entitled Light Side of the Sun, Aron Lyrd is building another vast, deep world of pop rock which blends numerous genres to establish a completely unique sound. Released through digital outlets such as iTunes, listeners can look forward to another epic universe of music from the talented and diverse singer songwriter.

A complete one person show, Lyrd successfully performs a variety of musical styles while single-handedly writing and recording everything from guitar to percussion to vocals. His vibrant alternative rock creations consistently draw comparisons to major recording artists such as The Clash, Oasis, The Killers, David Bowie, and The Beatles as fans excitedly listen to his infectious songs repeatedly. While skeptics might expect the quality to suffer while utilizing this approach, he manages to build a full, dynamic sound with ease which is demanding the attention of thousands across the world.

While becoming a dominant mogul in social media, Aron Lyrd is handily using all of the tools at his disposal to ensure his music and message is received by the world around him. His slick musical MySpace profile has generated over 16 million plays, with every song well over 1 million apiece. The current smash hit “Orange Ambition” has spun over 3 million times, while attracting the attention of magazines, radio, and online music outlets. Leaving no stone unturned, Lyrd promotes his music on his personal MySpace page as well, collecting over 121,000 friends who can easily access ten free tracks.

“Awesome,” “great,” “unique,” and “excellent” are just a few of the words currently used by fans to describe Lyrd’s extensive collection online. By mixing alternative rock, classic rock, and a touch of electronics, he’s appealing to a vast community of listeners while remaining flexible and versatile in his work. Fans should anticipate another brilliant effort in Light Side of the Sun, which features ten fresh, brand new songs to satisfy everyone’s insatiable appetite for Lyrd’s music.

Experience the one man wall of sound at Lyrd’s ultra popular MySpace pages, and be sure to check out his records in his iTunes store. With numerous albums already available for purchase, there’s something for everyone in Lyrd’s dynamic musical world, as he continues to satisfy fans time and time again.

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