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Is an Italian composer/producer born in Bolzano,Italy, the 5th of December 1982.
Early exposure to great music ranging from The Beatles and Pink Floyd, through eighties superstars Phil Collins and Dire Straits all the way up to Classic Legends like Beethoven, Debussy and Schubert woke his interest for this particular form of expression. At the age of ten he started playing guitar and a few years later he used to play at every occasion, from school events to local festivals.
His teenager years were heavily influenced by the increasingly popular Alternative movement. Among his preferred bands you would find Radiohead,Oasis,The Verve, R.E.M. And The Smashing Pumpkins. He also further nurtured his knowledge about the classical genre. There was something absolutely pure and profound to him about instrumental music.
In 2002 he joined a local funk band in his hometown Bressanone as a Singer and spent the next five years performing live on stage on several festivals in Italy, Austria and Germany.
In 2007, driven by his love for soundtracks of every kind, from Hollywood movies to Japanese anime series he decided to learn more about orchestral music. So he moved to the beautiful city of Hamburg, Germany, where he studied composition and mixing engineering to become an artistic producer three years later.
“Something Familiar” marks the published debut of Axel Deluggi whose intention is to release his work track by track because as he notes, every composition is a distinct project with a unique message.
Asked about his preference for instrumental music, he offered the following explanation:
“Words can be pretty restrictive, where notes and sounds on the other hand are free to float and better suited to describe every so nuanced kind of emotion. They also leave a lot of room for interpretation which in turn engages the listener on a deeper level.”


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