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Ben is an award-winning multi-instrumentalist and songwriter based in London (UK) who has released 19 full-length albums. His songs build influences from Pop, Folk, Jazz and Classical Music on a Rock Music foundation, and he has also written neoclassical pieces, as well as electroacoustic ambient /soundtrack instrumental music. Ben’s principal live instruments are the piano and guitar, and he plays a number of other instruments on his recordings, including the mandolin, bagpipes, percussion, and double bass.

Ben is the FEATURED ARTIST OF THE MONTH on the Italian Music Blog Anakina Musica (April 2010). Ben is also the BAND OF THE WEEK at Leaf Pile Radio (May 2010), the Artist Pick Of The Week of NRG Theory Management (February 2010) and a Weekly Featured Artist in Music Now, Junior’s Cave online magazine (February 2010).

Ben’s songs received honorable mentions in the Nashville songwriting contest SongDoor 2009. Ben was also a finalist in the German Rock Music Competition, won second prize in the Southern German Rock Music Competition, as well as winning the South-Western German Rock Music Contest. Ben twice won first regional prizes in the national young musicians classical music competition (piano), as well as receiving two awards from the city of Kaiserslautern, Germany, for outstanding achievement in the performance of contemporary classical music (piano). At Oxford University, Ben held the Sir Adrian Boult instrumental scholarship for two years.

In the meantime, Ben played several hundred live performances and was picked up by magazines and broadsheet newspapers around the world, such as IAE – I Am Entertainment Magazine, Lipstik Indie music magazine, Inanna Naked magazine, Skope Magazine, Music Now on Junior’s Cave, Wildy’s World, LaserDog’s Music Hour, Progressive Rock & Progressive Metal Magazine, Merlin Prog and the Next Music Blog. Two of Ben’s albums are also featured in “the bible of progressive music” – Progression Magazine. He was also one of the artists selected for the “Hot Seat” feature presented by Los Angeles A&R veteran Holly Hutchison (Capitol Records and Atlantic Records).

Songs from the 19 albums have been played on terrestrial radio stations (SWR, RPR, Rockland Radio, Germany) and on a large number of internet radio stations, e.g. KTEP radio El Paso, Progressive Positivity Radio, Rhubarb Radio, Insomnia Radio UK, Maximum Threshold, the progressive fusion radio show Dancing About Architecture, The Songwriter’s Network, Indie 104 Radio LA, Breakaway Radio, Pongid Radio, Radio Crystal Blue, Banana Peel Radio, Air Scarab, Indie Life Radio, Leaf Pile Radio, Underworld Mix Radio, BandRadio, IM Radio, Radio Rock Cafe and mvyradio. They have also been featured multiple times on some of the most highly rated music podcasts in the world, including the Dark Compass podcast, the Indie Launchpad podcast and the DigiVegas podcast. Ben is also a participating artist of the Audiosyncracy podcasts and radio shows.


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