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Simple, melody rich, acoustic music in the
classic singer/songwriter style.
Songs from the heart.

My guess is that even from an early age I always wanted to
play the guitar. Especially when I look back and remember the
many years I spent honing my abilities in the demanding art of
tennis racket playing! Emulating my heroes and perfecting
every guitar solo in front of a mirror. One could say I was a
little star struck. I’ve been playing the real thing for about 24
years now and I guess I’m still star struck.
I’ve been in six bands ranging from blues & classic rock cover
bands, to punk and power pop showcase bands. I played the
role of lead guitarist most of the time and in about half of these
bands, I was the only guitarist. The last band I was in broke up
around ten years ago. Since then I’ve been on my own playing
and composing on acoustic guitar for the most part.
With my first record, “The Simple Things” I finally found my
own style and enjoy keeping things simple and honest. I put it
together with my good friend and engineering wizard Adam
Sullivan of (Great Magnet Recording). I’m very happy with how
it turned out and I hope you are too!
Now with “My Winter Window”, I feel like I have a little more
to offer. This time adding piano into the mix performed by
myself and my wife Cara, to a beautiful performance on violin
by the brilliant Maximilian Haft. These nine original tracks are
still stripped down and simple, but have a broad range of
subject matter that are all very honest and straight from the

As far as the future is concerned, I just want to keep playing
and improving my song writing and performance skills. I’m not
about to stop writing my musical history any
time soon!



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