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Many see music as a communication tool. Music communicates the expressions, opinions, beliefs and ideas of many recording artists across the globe. Recording artist Brian Lam achieves just that. In Brians music, he paints pictures that leave the listeners feeling the moods and vibes that his songs are about. He is nothing more than a musician who seeks to inform his audience about life experiences with truthful and passionate musical stylings. Lam began informing his audience (his family) in his Georgia home at the very young age of nine. It was not until Brian was in his teenage years that he decided to branch out from his family audience and test the waters on fellow friends and acquaintances. Lam saw how his musical capabilities sparked excitement in those around him. This fueled the passion that Brian had for music and inspired him to continue to musically express himself. In August of 2005 Brian decided to further his dream and make the journey to Los Angeles, California. Although uprooting himself from his hometown was extremely difficult, he would soon find that it would be worth the discomfort. Since Lam’s transition, He has landed several note worthy gigs. Brian has been featured in the current installment of American Idol Season 7, where he beat out over 150,000 Idol hopefuls for one of the coveted top 164 spots. His music has been featured in several talk show pod-casts and radio stations here in the U.S. as well as across the globe. In addition to his music Lam has made several appearances in T.V. pilots and commercials. “The life of the biz is extremely hard and tests you every second of every day” says Lam, but no matter what the situation Brian will continue to saturate himself in all things music with the direct intention to enlighten and inform his audience.


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