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What do you get when you invite Joan Baez, Enya and Loreena McKennitt over for the evening? Check out Bridget’s music to find out!

Bridget Wolf is a singer/songwriter who plays piano, keyboards, hand drums and other percussion instruments.

As a professional, independent, solo musical artist, Bridget performs her original music as well as standards of popular and sacred music, teaches private music lessons, teaches songwriting to classes of school children and leads Creative Expressions workshops.

She collaborates with other musicians and artists on recordings, in concerts, on cable TV and at festivals.

Bridget studied piano and voice from many teachers in the U.S., Canada and Rome, Italy. In 1984 she graduated with a BA degree in music performance from Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota.

She performed on Cable TV in New York City on several programs including “The Inquiring Naturalist” and “Music for the Earth.” Her “Song of the Rising Sun” has been used as background music on numerous cable TV programs of “BARK for Mt. Hood” in Portland, Oregon.

Producer Arthur Aday at invited Bridget to sing and drum on his program Arthur Talks, A Day in Telos 2 at the TV station located at College of The Siskiyous in Weed, California, on Wednesday, May 20.
Due to the mystical subject matter Bridget vocalized on vowel sounds instead of singing any particular words.

Her music is featured on many You Tube videos including, click on Tree Talk to hear part of Save Our Planet II in the intro and credits.

Her song “Healing Time” was published in “Songs for Peace” magazine in New York City.

She has shared her musical gifts in numerous coffeehouses, concert halls, churches and at festivals from coast to coast.

Bridget has composed over 100 songs on a variety of themes.

New songs include:

Creating Heaven on Earth
Do Your Thing
I Love You, Trees
I’m Gonna Keep on Loving You!


Let’s Make the Difference

All of her songs will be recorded and released as soon as possible. Anyone who is interested in assisting Bridget to get her songs recorded and shared with the world is encouraged to contact her at

Bridget is also a teacher, healer, writer and dancer.

She has written a book of love poems, several children’s books and is writing a book on her journey back to health eating primarily raw, living foods.

Her workshop series “Freeing Ourselves: Creative Expressions” has helped participants break free of patterns that were not serving their higher self and purpose.


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