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Over the past five years Brock Zeman has elbowed his way into the independent music world. The 27 year old singer-songwriter of Carleton Place Ontario has already released 6 albums and toured Canada and the US extensively averaging 250 to 300 dates a year. His signature roots style, has been praised by critics for the maturity of his vocals, the depth of his storytelling and his impressive live performances. He was first discovered by Canadian Country Hall of Famer Keith Glass (Prairie Oyster) who went on to produce his first 4 releases. By the time of his 5th released Brock was picked up by Busted Flat records out of Kitchener Ontario, and in the past five years Brock has become known as one of the most prolific, hard working artists to fly under the radar.

“Brock Zeman should have been born in Austin Texas.”
-Rootshighway e-zine

“Zeman clearly ranks with the best emerging Texas/US singer-songwriters that we have encountered here at Blacksheep: Adam Carroll, Hayes Carll, Chris Knight and Slaid Cleaves. Just like them, he’s got fistfuls of ferociously good songs and he’s not afraid to use ’em. In many ways, he reminds me of a kid Fred Eaglesmith: great stories, fine melodies, a wicked sense of humour. It is just a matter of time before the world gets it, so tune in now before we lose him to the U, S and Ayyy. ”
-Paul Symes owner of The Blacksheep Inn

“Where was this troubadour hiding ?…. hopefully Zeman’s words and music will now get heard by more of the masses. This is a songwriter worth hearing over and over again”

“Brock is a gifted artist who possesses a rare talent for lyrics, and a compelling voice to deliver them… emerging Canadian powerhouse!”
-Keith Glass of Prairie Oyster

“Brock came in and wowed me with a set of songs that would impress just about any fan or writer. He came back a short time later and had an even better batch of songs. Somehow, at the age of 27, the kid’s got 6 albums out already, and they’re all jam-packed with stellar songs. I don’t know how he does it, and I really don’t know how more people haven’t picked up on him yet, but they will. They will.”
-Jeff Robson (UMFM 101.5 Winnipeg)

“Brock Zeman is a master songwriter, who writes with a maturity far beyond his chronological age. He digs in dark places and comes back with diamonds. He belongs on stage with the big boys.”
-Lynn Miles (Juno Award winner)

In the past Brock has played: Stewart Park Folk Festival (Perth), Mariposa Folk Festival (Orillia), Live From The Rock folk festival (Red Rock), Summerfolk (Owen Sound), Barrie Folk Festival, Riverside Jamboree (Carleton Place), Winterfolk (Toronto), Trout Forrest Folk Festival (Earfalls), headlined Blueskies (Clarenden), headlined Fred Eaglesmith’s Northern Picnic and kicked off the Cisco System’s Blues Festival in 2004 (Ottawa), Headlined @ The Northern Lights Folk Club in Edmonton 2008.


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