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Going Rogue is an Alt Rock group that has been active since 2015 that is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of rock music as far as can be done while still holding onto the pulse of the listener.

Going Rogue?s debut release The Worst Couldn?t Happen (2015) served as a warped coming of age story that revolved around themes of being drug into reality from the safety of our own heads. These ripped pages from chapters are given a backdrop of the harder side of 90?s rock and roll which has served as Going Rogue?s context and box, and will be challenged with every piece of music from here on.

Going Rogue?s follow up release Spirit Left the Stairway (2017) was released quietly containing only the title track, and turning sharply from crunchy guitars into a much more ambient space. Spirit Left the Stairway while raising eyebrows with only 1 song has a central theme of communication breakdown and had no need lyrically or musically to water down the message.

Going Rogue has a future which is as chaotic as it is certain. Fall 2018 saw the release of From the Inside which showcased rock n roll taking the scenic route taking as many beaten paths as possible while still holding focus on the destination.

While it is impossible to tell the direction From the Inside is taking us, 2019 is shaping up to be a big year for a group that is well on the way to showing you never know what to expect.


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