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I live in Austin, Texas, and I love it, even though it was 101 degrees outside today.

I played bass for sixteen years with a band called “Omar and the Howlers”. We did a lot of cool stuff, opened for and toured with a lot of great acts, played clubs, concerts and festivals everywhere from L.A. to Dublin to Paris to Berlin, and boy, did we have some fun.

After I quit the band I started writing songs, and that’s been what it’s been all about for me ever since. Now I’ve been out of that band for almost as long as I was in it. The best thing for me is that I feel just as engaged now and excited about playing music as ever.

In 2004 I came out with my first album of original songs, called “Flashpoint Sessions”. Right now I’m just about to finish up my second album of originals (this time with my new bandmate, Kris Barnes – she’s the one in the photo with me). This album will be called “Rough Tough Game” and we expect to have it finished by August 1st. I’m also working on another solo album, this one (tentatively) called “Letters from the Earth” – named after the book by Mark Twain, which I read when I was about fourteen. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it. The song I’m submitting to this contest will probably be on that album.

I write songs about things I love. I also write songs about things that piss me off, things that confuse me, things that perplex me or things that just plain make me crazy. I write songs based on movies I’ve seen, books I’ve read, people I’ve met, people I make up in my imagination based on people I’ve met, experiences I’ve had, experiences I would like to have, experiences I’ve had that I wish i hadn’t had. ALSO: Psycho killers, religious zealots, jealous lovers, terrorists, pedophile priests, cars, coffee, cigarettes, horses, dogs and mythical, historical, fantasmagorical, mysteriological and philosophical-psychological-metaphorical creatures, human and otherwise. That may not all be true, but truth is absolute, or it’s relative, or it’s not, right?


Bruce Allen Jones

(Photo by Jorge Sanhueza-Lyon and Ashley St.Clair, copyright 2007. Used with permission; all rights reserved.)


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