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Born a small-town boy at his dear parent’s good will in Jutland, Denmark. Zee Zakima, an alias for a much more unprounoucable Danish name, has been playing music and writing songs all his life. Old enough to have older sisters inspiring him to hear Elvis, Beatles and The Doors to name just a few, and young enough to still have eager dreams of reaching for that rainbows end, he now sets out to have his own songs heard.

His inspiration is as broad as he is a man of many books too. Some of his inspiration for song writing is best stated in the lyrics of one of his other songs waiting to be released: “Bruce, Elvis and Cash I’ll stick around them who last”.

Just starting out on his musical journey this summer by putting a few songs on My Space he is now being heard on internet radios, and getting good response everywhere.

For the song you can hear here “Song for a Stray Cat” Zee Zakima was inspired by playing a few chords thinking about his beloved stray cat BetteMis out in the barn on his farm. And being a stray cat is a common feeling for both cats and people, like one of Zee Zakimas Italian friends commented on My Space. “Sometimes we musicians are stray cats”.

Zee is no more a stray cat or being a rover in his life. He now knows what he wants and he has got the love of his life by his side. Like he sings in another of his songs: “Cats, horses and people! And places dear to me”. Zee Zakima has got one wife, 9 cats and 4 horses, and a lot of songs he wants to share with the world.


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