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CC, a singer, songwriter, poet and businesswoman was born in Mpumalanga Province on a tobacco farm in South Africa. CC wrote and performed her first song at the age of 11 and won numerous music competitions in both writing and singing while still at school.
In her first year at University she was discovered as an artist by one of the executives from Sun International and was immediately given the opportunity to perform at their venues across the globe. CC not only prefers to write her own music but also writes for other musicians. Her lyrics are direct, topical and have an honesty that sometimes cuts to the bone. CC’s voice type is alto but with a broad vocal range and allows her to write and perform in most genres.
CC completed her education in The United Kingdom prior to traveling the world as a musician while using South Africa and the United States as a home base. She recorded her albums in South Africa with Vynil Records and has now joined forces with musical magician, songwriter, producer and part-time journalist Tony Ridgway. She co-wrote the whole new album to be released in 2015 called It’s personal and continues to write music for other international artists, jingles for adverts, theme songs for television programs and songs used in musicals and Television series.
Even though CC is South African born she has spend most of her singing career in United States of America as well as other countries such as England, Israel, Turkey, UAE, Syria, Jordan and Indonesia.


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