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Char Fogel was born and raised in Altoona, PA. She grew up the youngest of seven children in a very musical family. Char began playing the piano at a young age and soon discovered she enjoyed writing her own songs – although it wasn’t until she was about 10 years old that she started writing her lyrics down on paper. She performed whenever and wherever she got the chance.

When she was in high school, Char’s oldest brother helped her get a gig with a local band, TRAXX. She played keyboards and sang backup vocals for the group. The band played mostly covers, but also performed one of her original songs, “I Can’t Go On Anymore.” Char also wrote and recorded “Startin’ All Over Again” as a 45 rpm single – this would become her high school senior class song.

She continued writing and performing throughout college and also started playing guitar. A few years after moving to Florida, Char recorded a cassette of six original songs – two of those songs were “All Good Things Must End” and “American Dream.” She accompanied herself on synthesizer, so the songs had a synth pop feel.

When Char decided to record “American Dream” again for this contest, she wanted the song to have more of an authentic, natural sound. So she played and recorded the instrumental parts separately – acoustic guitar, piano, harmonica, percussion – and sang all the vocals.

Char continues to work on new material and chill with her two Chihuahuas.


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