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Growing up in the Northwest’s seemingly endless rain and cold – as well as it’s rare but glorious sunny day – has given Christopher the opportunity to reflect on all that living on earth offers. He writes and sings about everyday things affecting us all – love, family, humor, loss and loneliness. He draws from the circumstances and interests in his own life: the untimely passing of a loved one, yearning for wild youth, the work-a-day world and politics. He weaves stories full of recognizable imagery and emotional elements so the listener will say “I can relate to that.” His goal is to capture you immediately because his songs relate to universal experiences.

Inherent in his songs are a smattering of country, a healthy helping of the blues, maybe a little folk with a dose of pop – mostly quiet with the finger-style acoustic guitar and baritone voice prominent but occasionally rowdy and raunchy.

Ideas arise from anywhere: a dream, a conversation, a fleeting look on a person’s face. A crisp, clear day can open the floodgate of thought and emotion. Often, a title starts the songwriting. A chorus then comes to mind supporting the title and the rest of song is built around that. Other strategies may be employed. A melody might appear from nowhere or an accidental chord progression will bring the song to life. Christopher believes there are many approaches and all musical genres have something to offer the songwriter. The more one stays open to this, the more satisfying the songwriting experience and hopefully, the more successful the song.

Christopher invites you to enjoy listening to his songs as much as he enjoys writing and playing them.


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