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Growing up was always like being in a concert for Cynthia Jackson. With a musical family of six siblings life was a party with all genres of music.With such an eclectic diet her style was infused with a mixture of gospel, jazz, blues, r&b, country and classical.But don’t get it wrong. It’s not a mismash of styles but actually distinct flavors with a sprinkle of seasonings of the different genres. She is always experimenting with different ways to express music.She started writing at age ten and started violin lessons then too. She played the bari sax for 25 years and has since taught herself piano, organ, bass and lead guitar. She is currently learning harmonica. She later went to college and earned a degree in Music Technology.
Cynthia writes, composes and sings her music. She is also playing all of the instruments and recorded in her No Ordinary Luv Studio. Her music persona is Steeled Wadders(Wah-das) and her debut album “He’s Working it Out” has gotten rave reviews.
She started two groups,B.A.S.I.C.,the Brothers and Sisters in Christ,and SoulStory, a r&b group.
When asked what is her style Cynthia gives a little smile and says,”Soulmance. Music from the soul to the soul.I want my music to be visual as well as aural. I want others to see the story and feel the emotion I’m writing and singing about.” Well you can best believe you will be toe tapping finger snapping laughing aching and more when you experience her.
Cynthia is currently finishing her next album “12 OClock Moon” which will be dropping soon.


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