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Danail is a violinist and an electronic musician that creates music using computer technologies.

During childhood his grandmother shared a testimony about how her forefathers were saved from the genocide in Armenia in 1915. One chest of flour that supernaturally refilled fed them an entire winter. It was a great wonder that saved their lives and this miracle changed the life of his grandmother’s father and he decided to commit his life to God.

This testimony caused Danail to think about the One who stands behind the visible, physical world – the One who cares about the people, even when they don’t care about Him.

He is not indifferent to your destiny either. You decide!

Although in schools everywhere it was taught that there was no God. After the fall of the communist regime God found another way to reveal Himself to Danail. It was through the violin, which has played an important part in his life.

It all began with a simple interest in playing the violin at the age of 10. After four years of study he gave it up, feeling there was no future in it. But 15 years later, God found a way to touch his heart deeply and restore a gift he thought was dead. Perhaps his gift would not have been restored if the Almighty Creator of everything had not touched his heart with his life giving words.

When Danail began to play the violin again in 2002 it allowed him to resume his destined musical journey. In 2003 he forayed into songwriting using the newest technologies in music creation available and a year later his dreams became reality with the recording of his first songs.

Daily life

I’m living daily in the freedom that the Almighty Creator gives everyone who follows Him with all their heart. When I believed His Holy Word, it was the best choice I ever made. I didn’t find it in the traditions, in the customs or in the good habits – God’s saving grace was there for me to receive, close to my heart, calling me to Him.


Danail is committed to excellence in songwriting and performance. He has set his heart to develop his abilities and is working hard, both individually and in collaboration with other music professionals, to craft songs that will deeply touch people’s hearts and minds.


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