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Dani creates Music that is raw and real. Music that can only come from the things life throws at you and the feelings that spill out from the pain, hurt and anger experienced when things go bad and the energy and passion that scream to get out of you when things go your way. Dani is what Memphis Music has always been about. Sharing one’s inner soul and laying themselves bare for the world to see and hear through the music they write and perform.

Dani and her band play regularly in the most historic and innovative Music City the world has ever seen. The city that was the launching pad for blues and rock as well as a cornerstone for soul, gospel and country. “I love Memphis and I love taking Memphis with me and sharing this heritage I was born into through the music I perform when I travel throughout the U.S.” Dani is currently working on her 2nd album with plans of releasing it in the near future. Dani shot her 1st music video, “Wasted Rain”, which will be on iTunes soon. She will release an early listening EP, that will also include a copy of the Wasted Rain Video, this fall. The EP will include some songs that will be on the next full album, some that are in consideration for the album.

“I Love Memphis. It has been suggested by people in the Industry that I move to LA, NY or Nashville to pursue my music career but I am a Memphis girl. It is part of me and definitely part of my music. These songs I have been writing on for the last few years that will be on my next album have taken on their own life. It is definitely a part of who I am both good and bad. I thought this album would be done 2 years ago but there were more things I wanted to say thru new songs I would write. Can’t wait to get it recorded. It has been good therapy for me at least.”

Dani will tour throughout 2009 when her new album drops.


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